Adams Point Winery

Bill Galarneau of Adams Point Winery did not plan to re-invent fruit wine, but his innovative approach to winemaking has resulted in a line of Tropical Fruit and Dessert wines that has re-kindled the fruit wine industry. Like most home winemakers, Bill started making wine in the garage of his Adams Point home in Oakland, CA. When a neighbor asked if he could use some Persimmons from a backyard tree, he jumped at the chance to try something new. He was awarded a Best of Class gold Medal for his persimmon wine. This was followed by a chance purchase of mangoes and papaya at an outdoor market. The resulting Mango/Papaya blend became another Best of Class gold medal. A judge at the California State Fair described it as "A party in every glass." Now Bill was facing a new challenge. He had wine filling the garage, basement and every nook and cranny of his crawl space. He needed to get larger or smaller. He decided to get larger and opened his small winery in nearby Berkeley, CA.


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Berkeley, CA