Adastra Wines

Adastra is an organic winery with a great history, and Chris is happy to walk you through it. He'll introduce you to the property -- which he and his wife live off of -- and the business as well. The property is wonderful, and you can tell a lot of love has built the place up. He'll share with you the old barn and his herb garden. You'll become familiar with the origins of the name and finally, with the wines themselves while sitting around his dining room table. The reds are excellent, absolutely top-notch. In our trip, my wife and I only joined two wine clubs, and Adastra is one of them. The tasting and tour can be expensive, $25 per person but that fee is waived if you join the wine club. Honestly, even if you don't join the club, it's worth the fee for the experience.


By Appointment

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2545 Las Amigas Rd
Napa, CA 94559