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Miramonte Winery

Miramonte Winery

Miramonte has a nice relaxed vibe during the day, but the night life is what really makes the place special. They stay open till 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights and always have live music. If you want to hang out in wine country on Friday or Saturday night, drink some good wine or sangria, and do a little dancing, this is by far the best place to go in wine country. If you are on the fence about taking the wine tour ....not need to be ..they have a very informative & entertaining wine tour that warrants the time. The bite size hors d' oeuvres at the end of the tour with the wine paring was PERFECT!!! I was expecting bland lil bites...NOT AT ALL!...everyone inquired if they can purchase the pesto & the spicy hummus. Unfortunatley, they do not have them for sale.

Levy & Mcclellan

Bob Levy is the winemaker for Harlan Estate, and his wife is the winemaker for the Sloan Estate. Both of them have made wines that have scored perfect 100 point ratings. They bought a 6 acre lot in the Diamond Mountain area, and the case production for their 1st and 2nd vintages is 400 cases or less. Robert Parker gave their 1st vintage, the 2004 vintage a rating of 96-98 points, and their 2005 vintage a rating of 95-97 points. What a great way to start off.

Their wines look to have excellent cellaring life. Their maximum estimated case production, given their current vineyard of 6 acres is around 500-600 cases at best. This is less then half the production of Harlan and about the same as Screaming Eagle. On average, Levy & McClellans case production will be less then that of Screaming Eagle.

As of right now, there is no waiting list to get into Levy & McClellan. But, I will say this right now, given the great history of these 2 great winemakers, it will not take long for their list to fill up and a very long waiting list to form.

The Wine
Levy & McClellan produces the following wine varietals: Bordeaux Blend and Cabernet Franc.

B&E Vienyard

This is way off the beaten path, but it is worth a stop if you're exploring the East valley or coming in from the 41.

We stopped here on a whim after blowing through our wine budget at another winery down the road. I live to regret that.

It's easy to miss and the road up to the tasting room makes you initially feel like you're in the wrong place, but the views are great at the top from the dinky building. It's remote, so you'll most likely be alone with your party, anyway. That's good because max capacity feels like it would be around six. The lady working the tasting counter is super cool.

This is a no frills place, but that's what I love about the wine culture of Paso.

They don't have a big selection of pours here, but what they offer is great. Half of the wines were cuvees, which I enjoy because there is something intimate about them, like enjoying the food of a chef you are a fan of. You submit to their palate. That being said, the Twisted wines are very good, especially the older of the two that were out for sampling.

Hands down the best, though, is the cab.

Giessinger Winery

Girard's goal is to highlight the flavors of Napa Valley and its rich, ripe grapes. A small portion of the winery's portfolio also comes from grapes grown in Sonoma's upscale Russian River Valley, where cool weather offers ideal conditions for Chardonnay.

Shadow Mountain Vineyards

Shadow Mountain is an ideal grape-growing location with an elevation of 3,500 feet, and it’s blessed with Pacific Ocean breezes and cool, dry nights.Master vintner Alexander McGeary specializes in award-winning viognier, whites, reds and dessert wines such as merlot, Syrah, cabernet, zinfandel and a muscat cannelli.Shadow Mountain Vineyards is a 3rd generation family estate grape growing & wine making business, which was founded by Agusto & Helen Mase, an Italian couple in 1944. The second generation of the family continued in this family tradition, by planting extensive vineyards in the 1960′s and 70′s.

McIlroy Cellars

Located in Sonoma County, California, one of the world's premier wine producing areas, McIlroy Wines is a small, family based winery that creates outstanding wines. Only a small number of cases are produced each year.

Rock Canyon Vineyards

Located in Alpine, CA at an altitude of 3,000 feet is Rock Canyon Vineyards. Hot summer days and cool nights contribute the some wonderful handcrafted and unfiltered wines with delightful unique earthy falvor. Think of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel and some red blends.

Raymond Vineyard & Cellar

Raymond Vineyards, founded in 1970 is one of Napa Valley's great estates. Through the years, Raymond Vineyards has built an enduring legacy for elegant wines with beautiful balance, finesse, power, and complexity. Five generations of the Raymond family imbued the winery with a sense of its deep roots in the Napa Valley and a commitment to honor those roots through every wine produced.

Today, Raymond is an integral part of Boisset Family Estates. Raymond Vineyards is renowned for its 100% Cabernet Sauvignons made with grapes from the most prestigious Napa Valley appelations.

Jericho Canyon Vineyard

The Cabernets were the standout, but don't miss the surprising Sauvignon Blanc. If any bottles of the 2005 Cabernet remain, it's an absolute must. The winery is off the beaten path, but well worth the trip; beautiful setting with gorgeous views from the vineyard. The wine tasting room is really elegant and is housed in their cave.


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