Red Meritage

Red Meritage

J. Rickards Vineyard & Winery

When we drove up we were greeted by 2 dogs and Jim the owner. The place is quaint and wine is phenomenal. Jim the owner took his time and explained the wine making process to our group, he even had us taste one of the grapes on the hillside. One of my favorite wines was the wine blend called "Sisters" which is made from the traditional Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petite Verdot and Malbec, all estate grown

Dancing Hares Vineyard

Dancing Hares Vineyard produces a Bordeaux style blend from grapes located at the base of Howell Mountain. Producing since 2003, the winery has achieved impressive scores of 95 from both Robert Parker and Wine Spectator. The collaborative team of winemaker Andy Erickson, vineyard manager David Abreu, and consulting winemaker Michel Rolland, along with owners Paula Brooks and Robert Cook produces both Dancing Hares and a sister label, Mad Hatter.

McIlroy Cellars

Located in Sonoma County, California, one of the world's premier wine producing areas, McIlroy Wines is a small, family based winery that creates outstanding wines. Only a small number of cases are produced each year.

Neiman Cellars

The modest yet confident Drew Neiman is making a name for himself, albeit quietly, in the wine world. His passion is infectious and his wine is anything but timid. Drew, by the way, is no newcomer to the wine industry.

Bridlewood Winery

Bridlewood Winery sits picturesque 105-acre estate rests on a high bench of ancient seabed, facing Pacific breezes that meander through the Santa Ynez Mountains to the South and the Purisma Hills and San Raphael Mountains to the north. The mountains run east-west, allowing the fog to roll in from the Pacific Oceam, which slows the ripening process and paves the way for a long growing season. With more time to mature and develop, the grapes develop a crisp balance between acid and sugar.

Calcareous Vineyards

Let the Soil Speak ! The one thing that makes for the creation of uniqueness amongst wines is the exact place the vines reside. The oneness of soil, water, sun and ai in each vineyard creates wines as individual as snowflakes.

Saint Helena Road Winery

Saint Helena Road Winery is a tiny winery on the west side of Spring Mountain. 20 acres are planted of the 5 Bordeaux varietals. Saint Helena has 3 brands: Roy J. Maier Cabernet Sauvignon, Maier Family Meritage, and Maier Family Cenote. They are all Bordeaux blends. Saint Helena Roads Winery grows all varietals on our estate property and do not buy or sell any fruit.

Mojon's Bench Wines

Close your eyes and savor the deep flavors…You might swear you are drinking a great French Pomerol. Mojon’s Bench 2004 Estate Merlot combines fine estate grown merlot with a touch of cabernet franc to achieve a wine that’s soft, ripe and complex.

Dalla Valle Vineyards

In 1983, Gustav and Naoko Dalla Valle began planting vines on the hillside east of Oakville, overlooking Napa Valley. Their vineyards produce excellent quality grapes, resulting wines of great intensity, complexity and balance. Gustav passed away in 1995 and Naoko Dalla Valle continues the legacy of Dalla Valle wines.
Dalla Valle Vineyards produces two wines; Maya- Proprietary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Dalla Valle Vineyards wines are on a waiting list.

Robert Hall Winery

We had a very nice host that was pouring us all sorts of wine. She truely made us feel special because her mission was to find us a wine to like.

It is a nice big tasting room with the big square bar, beautiful water fountain out front and some tables outside to enjoy the view.

I never gave this place a fair chance because I have tried there wine at the grocery store and wasn't pleased. Well now that I have tried all there wines it is very good especially the reds! So give this place a fighting chance and it will not disappoint you.


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