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Tobin James

Tobin James

Not your traditional estate with vineyards, but definitely a fun environment. If you are a novice or worried about not knowing enough about your wines, come here, they will put you at ease! And at the same time, if you take wine tasting way too seriously, don't come here! The staff really wants to talk about things other than tannins, oak, and essence of pencil shavings. Yes, it is in the middle of almost nowhere, but the wines are not super expensive, but good enough to compare with high end wines from up north.
So, if you are a serious wine connoisseur where you look for clarity, viscosity, flocculation, and the importance of tannins - you are allowed to come here too. But if you are a grape-nut like me who would like to have fun while tasting great wines without being judged by condescending staff members - this is the place to be!

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