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To our fellow wine enthusiasts -

Each year, tourists visit wine regions throughout California to explore the state's more than 3,000 wineries.  In addition to the wineries themselves and the various wine trails through out the state there is an array of cultural attractions. Gardens, art museums, great seasonal cuisine and artisan foods to natural hot springs, spa treatments, beaches, redwood groves, golf, and boutique shopping.  California Wine Trails offers travelers many diversions between visiting the wineries and enjoying the wines you will find along the way.

With so much to choose from where to begin enjoying the wines of California?  If you have read this far you have enjoyed visiting wineries and the experience of tasting those wines from their source, the winery that produced them.  Or, you may enjoy wines but have visited wineries of the Golden State very little or not at all.  Just not sure where to start?  Well the nice thing about California is there are little wine trails and larger AVA’s up- and-down the state.  For most of us it is only a short drive for us to visit some of the wineries near us.  While visiting I found it amazing just how many of the wineries are not even on the radar of many of the locals.  Younger wineries have been developing their wine making skills and some very nice wines are coming out of areas many people are just simply unaware of.  Napa has attracted the attention or wine enthusiasts of the wine world for years.  Yet, other wine producing areas such as Amador, Monterey, Livermore, Lodi, Shasta Cascade and boutique wineries that are popping up in some of the least likely places you would look.  These little gems as well as the better known wineries are what we will endeavor to share with our readers here at California Corks.

With so much to see and to choose from, a few of the state's regional winery associations have shared their "insider" tips for having great experiences while touring their wine regions. We have captured some of these suggestion here for you. If 15 years ago the Santa Lucia Highlands seemed like undiscovered country, now we might be looking to the extreme Sonoma Coast. New wineries keep popping up all over the country and California is certainly no exception.  

Attention Winemakers and Wineries

Wineries throughout the State are invited to participate in California Corks Wine Tasting Experience program. Let’s work together to build an active following for the wines and wineries in your area. Do you have a winetasting room? Really that is all that is required to participate. California Corks will promote your winery to our readers and membership. There is no charge to your winery to participate in our program. We really want to promote and encourage wine-lovers locally and otherwise to visit wineries in the region and would love to have your winery be among the ones we promote.

How does it work?                                                                                          

Our members will present a California Corks Membership Card for discounts on wine purchases and tastings. We encourage you to permit 2 free tastings to each cardholder so as to draw as many members as possible. That being said, we are aware that each winery is different. Your winery maybe open everyday, or just on weekends, or possibly only select weekends. Wineries come in different sizes and not all can accommodate free tastings to two people per card as we suggest. Then consider two for, one or free tasting with the purchase of the wine of their choice. Additionally, we are aware that some wineries are not open to the public as their norm. However, even such wineries that are not normally open to the public may want to consider being open to our members on select dates, or by appointment so as to have access to more wine-lovers that have yet had opportunity to taste the fruits of your labor.

It is our goal to include regions through-out the state by fall of 2016 for the 2017 membership year. In 2016 our membership will be focused on Santa Clara, Alameda, Santa Cruz Counties and the San Francisco Peninsula. This membership and participating wineries will be known as the “Golden Gate Wineries Experience”, this will be the first to be offered in 2016.  How can your winery participate?  It is pretty simple, let us know what kind of tasting and or wine purchase discounts you would offer to California Corks Winery Experience card holders you would like to offer.  We have provided some suggestions on the next page.  Next, California Corks will promote your winery to our readers and membership.  We will be sure to participate in online media sources with your winery and if your winery has not yet been entered in to  www.cacorks.com California Wineries Listing, this will be expedited to increase additional traffic your winery’s webpage.  

Attention Winemakers and Wineries - If you would like California Corks to promote your winery let us know.  We will be sure make sure your winery is listed in our directory also. Click HERE

Enjoy your journey,

John L. Krause, Jr

John L. Krause, Jr./ Founder

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