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Information for Wineries

Information for Wineries

Become part of the California Corks Winery Experience and get more exposure to wine enthusiasts around the world.


  • Increased online presence
  • Promotion via CaCorks social media accounts
  • Promotion via our newsletter and blog
  • Increased floor traffic

The cost for your winery to participate is only the discounts you offer our members.  California Corks wants to help you introduce your wines to the world.

Attention Winemakers and Wineries –

Wineries throughout the State are invited to participate in California Corks Winery Experience program. Let’s work together to build an active following for the wines and wineries in your area. Do you have a winetasting room? Really that is all that is required to participate. California Corks will promote your winery to our readers and membership. There is no charge to your winery to participate in our program. We really want to promote and encourage wine-lovers locally and otherwise to visit wineries in the region and would love to have your winery be among the ones we promote.

How does it work?

Our members will present a California Corks Membership to qualify for discounts on wine purchases and tastings your winery offers. We encourage you to permit 2 free tastings to each Member so as to draw as many members as possible. That being said, we are aware that each winery is different. Your winery maybe open everyday, or just on weekends, or possibly only select weekends. Wineries come in different sizes and not all can accommodate free tastings to two people per Member as we suggest. Then consider two for, one or free tasting with the purchase of the wine of their choice. Additionally, we are aware that some wineries are not open to the public as their norm. However, even such wineries that are not normally open to the public may want to consider being open to our members on select dates, or by appointment so as to have access to more wine-lovers that have yet had opportunity to taste the fruits of your labor.

How can your winery participate?  It is pretty simple, let us know what kind of tasting and or wine purchase discounts you would offer to California Corks Winery Experience members. You can view some of the offers made available to our members by participating wineries and decide what would be in the best interest of your winery.  California Corks will promote your winery to our readers and membership.  We will be sure to participate in online media sources with your winery and if your winery has not yet been entered into our directory of California Wineries this will be expedited to increase additional traffic your winery’s webpage. Either way, California Corks becomes your "Winery Ambassador".