Zip Sips Video Wine Review

Zip Sips Video Wine Review

Zip Sips Video Wine Review – How can your winery participate?  

This program is straight forward. You submit your wine from your winery that you would like to have reviewed. The wine you selected to promote is promoted in our blog and in our video wine review called "Zip Sips” which is a series of video wine reviews. You can review some of the wine reviews so far by going to the Blog section of your website. Your winery provides the wines and any product data on the wine being featured. California Corks produces a Zip Sips review along with sufficient text to enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase visibility not only to the featured wine article and video, but to your winery as well. 

The cost for this promotional service:

  • $98.00 for each video review and promotion
  • Provide one bottle for each wine to be reviewed

Your winery provides each of the wines and $98.00 for each of the articles, videos, and promotion of the wine. Currently we are requiring a three months commitment for a total of $294.00, which will involve the promoting of three different wine from your winery, one each month for the three months. Your winery provides the wines, any product sheets or description for each of your wines. California Corks will promote each of the wines throughout the month over 3 to 4 weeks period on Facebook pages and groups that California Corks is the Administer, related pages and groups California Corks is a member of, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you wish to offer any discounts to viewers/readers, we can provide a code so you can track the activity as well as encourage readers and viewers to action. You may continue submitting additional wine or wines as you like thereafter at $98.00 per wine review. This allows your winery to promote a new release or soon to be released wine in a one at a time manner. This allows you more ways to affordable promote your wine.  It is simple, let us know what kind of tasting and or wine purchase discounts you would offer to California Corks Winery Experience members. 

You can view some of the offers made available to our members by participating wineries and decide what would be in the best interest of your winery.  California Corks will promote your winery to our readers and membership.  We will be sure to participate in online media sources with your winery and if your winery has not yet been entered into our directory of California Wineries this will be expedited to increase additional traffic your winery’s webpage. Either way, California Corks becomes your affordable "Winery Ambassador" . 

Let's start working together to promote you winery and wines. Contact us

Please provide contact name, best time and day to contact you, and of course the best number we can reach you at.