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Winery Spotlight

Scott Harvey Winery

Scott Harvey doesn't have a typical tasting room in Napa or Sonoma; they are located in Amador County.  If the timing of your visit is right you just might have Scott pouring your wine tasting. You will visit his home that he shares with his wife Jana and be treated to a low-key conversational tasting. Both Scott and Jana are wonderful warm people who you will love to chat with. Scott is an experienced winemaker with lots of history and knowledge.  Scott, Jana, and their team are happy and ready to welcome you.  Arrive as a guest and leave as friends at any of their three tasting rooms and be sure to tell them we sent you.

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Welcome to California Corks

Welcome to California Corks

Welcome to our California Winery Directory. Discover California's premier wineries! Uncork a world of taste and elegance in the heart of wine country. Plan your perfect vineyard experience now.

Each year, tourists visit California's wine regions to explore wineries and the wines they produce.  In addition to the wineries themselves, and the various wine trails throughout the state, there is an array of cultural attractions such as: gardens, art museums, great seasonal cuisine, artisan foods, natural hot springs, spa treatments, beaches, redwood groves, golf, and boutique shopping.  California's Wine Regions offers visitors many options to enjoy while visiting California's wineries and the number of options can make it a challenge for many.  Not only are there thousands of wineries to choose but so many varietals. With more than 60,000 registered wine labels in California, it can be a challenge to narrow the field down to the exact wine, or winery you are looking for. With so much to choose from many wonder where to begin beyond the grocery store shelf.  While visiting a number of wineries and events local to these wineries, we have found it amazing just how many of the wineries are not even on the radar of many of the locals. Younger wineries have been developing their winemaking skills and some very nice wines are coming out of areas many people are just simply unaware of.  Not all winemakers have their own vineyards and chateau.  These little gems as well as the better-known wineries are what we endeavor to share with those who visit

Learn about the winemaking history behind Lodi Wines, Santa Cruz wines, Livermore wineries, and more. Napa and Sonoma have attracted the attention of wine enthusiasts from all over the world for years and we are pleased to address the wineries of Napa and Sonoma.  Yet, other wine-producing areas such as Amador County, Calaveras County, Placer CountyMonterey, Livermore, Lodi, Shasta Cascade, and boutique wineries are popping up in some of the least likely places you would look. Our goal is to help make it easy to find that perfect bottle or little winery you seek amongst California's wineries

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