Tasting Tips

Tasting Tips

Wine Tasting Tips - Knowing When A Wine Is Ready To Drink - The Nose

A wine attains its ideal maturity when all of its components are balanced and offers a great aromatic complexity, not only on the nose but also resting on the palate with a persistence. This doesn´t mean that a matured wine is necessarily an aged wine. No, rather a matured wine at its perfect drinking peak. Actually, it maybe the case in some wines that they should be consumed when young and fresh.

Wine and Cheese Pairing

Wine and cheese have been a match of two staples for centuries. Today there is an ever increasing number of options for both wines and cheese when it comes to pairing decisions. It can be a little difficult to know where to begin. Here is a handy guide to give you a place to start for pairing your favorite wines with soon-to-be favored cheese – or vice-versa.

Common Wine Terms

Listed are several terms you will likely hear or read about as you enjoy your California Wine tasting adventure. Becoming familiar with these terms will help you in explaining what your nose and your taste buds are telling you about the wine you are tasting.

Visiting And Getting To Know California’s Wine Regions

Each year, tourists visit wine regions throughout California to explore the state's more than 3,000 wineries and the diverse array of cultural attractions. From gardens, art museums, great seasonal cuisine and artisan foods to natural hot springs, spa treatments, beaches, redwood groves, golf, and boutique shopping. California Wine Trails offers travelers many diversions between visiting the wineries and enjoying the wines you will find along the way.