California Wine Tasting - Markus Wine Co - French Colombard

California Wine Tasting - Markus Wine Co - French Colombard

Thu, 08/05/2021 - 19:21 -- johnk

California wine tasting is so enjoyable and getting to know the people behind the wines can be a lot of fun. While talking with Jon Björk at Markus Wine Co I noticed that he had listed a French Colombard. Back while Jon and I were talking wines I had in mind the warm weather that would soon be on its way. Well, warm was a bit of a miscalculations as it has been a hot July 2021 all over California and the Western United States. Enough of that, back to the French Colombard that Jon sent my way. Jon marked on the unlabeled bottle that this wine is a 2020 French Colombard, and that Labeling was scheduled for some time in April. Well, I am glad I got this bottle because recently I learned that all the French Colombard produced had been purchased for another bottling. So, this makes this bottle just a little bit rare and I thought I would share it with you in this review.

This Colombard From Markus Wine Co has a nice acid balance along with sufficient residual sugar. Be sure to give it a good chill first on a day like today, forecast is for the triple-digits. Now that you wine has a good chill on it you can see how the aromas change as it warms in the glass.
A little bit on wines produced with Colombard grapes
Most information on Colombard tells us that the grape grows the best on sandy, dry soils and even clay loams.  Colombard is a high yielding variety. In the San Joaquin valley of California, Colombard is cultivated midseason with harvest beginning usually in mid to late August. Where does Colombard grow?

What Does French Colombard Taste Like?
The Colombard grape lacks strong varietal characteristics of its own, so it is used to best effect to create blends with other grapes. Colombard produces a crisp wine with good acidity, making it a versatile blending grape indeed. Colombard has a relatively neutral flavor, light body, and low tannins. Its high acidity lends a crisp, tart flavor to blends with more flavorful white grapes such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanc. Colombard tasting notes include tart green apple, sweet melon and peach, and bitter almond.

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How to Pair French Colombard with Food
White wines featuring Colombard grapes are generally crisp and tart, making them a good choice for sushi, ceviche, and fish in general. Colombard wines also pair nicely with the light, vegetable-focused fare of Californian cuisine. Try Colombard with a cheese plate featuring cheddar or gruyere.