California Wine Tasting - Markus Wine Co – Zip Sips Review

California Wine Tasting - Markus Wine Co – Zip Sips Review

Thu, 03/11/2021 - 11:25 -- johnk

Markus Wine Co. 2018 – Sol, Lodi Red Wine Review 
California Wine Tasting - Markus Wine Co – 2018 Sol – Lodi Red Wine –


Our California Wine Movie – Zip Sips will focus on the Winemaker Markus Niggli and his 2018 Lodi Red. This wine is a blend of Petite Sirah 75%, Zinfandel 18%, and Petit Vedot 7%. This 2019 was made from the four best barrels of vintage reds at the winery. Sol is a dry red with exquisitely deep rich blend of mostly mixed black or dark wine grapes with those darker fruits being the focus of the wine. While the tannins are young, they are well integrated, and the result is a pleasing balance with luscious dark fruit.

The story behind this wine goes back to 2002 as Swizz-born wine maker Markus Niggli got an “aha” moment. Markus found his eyes had been opened, he began to look at wines closer that are powerful and concentrated yet elegant. Wines unique to their own ways, a result of the many unique soils and microclimates and terroir. Markus began to see how ages of time, the Rhine river that had been breaking-down mountain rock over the ages had formed an incredible diversity of mother earth soil (“sol” in French) as he toured Alsace, France. Thus, began Markus’ journey to produce wines that are ageless and memorable. Wines that can be enjoyed young or with a decade or more of laying-down and aging. This 2018 Sol is fruit-driven, yet delightfully balanced with an above average acidity, and soft integrated tannins to make them a delight with a delicious meal. As a wine maker should, Markus and his partners believe that the real winemaking happens out in the vineyard and that a much superior wine can be the result of doing as little as possible, using natural yeast and natural ML. Please visit us again as we feature additional wines

About Petite Sirah

As of 2014, more than 164 growers and 897 producers are working with the grape. Currently, close to 10,000 acres of vines are planted to Petite Sirah in California. Australia has the second largest amount of acreage devoted to Petite Sirah, with close to 1,000 planted acres.
Petite Sirah makes a powerful, fruity, hardy, dense and often tannic wine which really pairs perfectly with a wide variety of big dishes. Meats, stews, braised and grilled meats are excellent food and wine matches for Petite Sirah. Short ribs, hamburgers and barbecue of all types served with Petite Sirah works as a food and wine pairing as well.

Petite Sirah produces inky dark, purple-colored wines that offer flavors of black pepper, blackberries, blueberries, spice and licorice. Do not confuse this grape with wine produced from the similarly named Syrah variety. They are not the same grape and they do deliver similar taste sensations. Petite Sirah wines are often, massive, intense, chewy, masculine wines that when they are young, provide massive amounts of tannin and high levels of acidity. Wines made from Petite Sirah have the ability to age and improve for decades. Some of the top producers of this distinctive California wine include; Turley, Switchback Ridge, Robert Foley, Quixote, Robert Biale, and Alta Colina to mention a few.

We are looking forward to sharing more California Wine Tasting with Markus Wine Co. as we do ZIps Sip wine reviews of some of other wines that Markus and his team have produced. Future reviews will include; tour 2018 a Red Blend of Touriga Nacional, Merlot, and Petite Sirah, domo a blend of Carignane, Merlot, and Zinfandel2018, Old Vine Zinfandel 2018.

Markus Wine Co. wines can be ordered via their website: MARKUS WINE CO