Central Valley Wines - Moravia Wines 2018 Symphony

Central Valley Wines - Moravia Wines 2018 Symphony

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Central Valley Wines have been over-looked by many a wine drinker. California wine Tasting with Moravia Wines - 2018 Symphony

Many wines are described as a symphony, a favorable combination of different elements, but only one wine grape is called Symphony. Symphony is a Californian crossing of Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache in 1948 by the late Harold Olmo. Harold Olmo was a professor of viticulture at the University of California, Davis. As its name of the wine grape suggests, it is an aromatic variety with slightly spicy flavors.

Symphony is mostly used in white-wine blends, where it contributes to the aromatic profile of the final resulting wine. While limited, a few wineries have produced some delightful examples of Symphony as a varietal here in California. The wines produced as a varietal are generally off dry or semi-sweet with some residual sugars.

If you’ve never heard of or have never tried Symphony, you’re not alone. Only around 36,000 tons were crushed in the entire state of California in 2017. You begin to understand how limited this wine grape is when you compare the harvest of 600,000 tons of Chardonnay. Symphony hasn’t exactly swept over the wine world, which is curious because vintners say people usually like it when they try it. People that are newer to wine drinking more express appreciation for Symphony’s approachability and those who like wines with a touch of sweetness over tannic red wines tend to be fans, love at first taste.

The variety was originally intended as a grape suitable for the hot Central Valley. In the San Joaquin Valley and elsewhere in California, growers have enjoyed only limited success with it. Those that persisted have produced some delightful examples of what this wine grape can become in the glass. Currently the Symphony grapes is cultivated mainly in the inland area of Lodi California and in the and Sierra Foothill regions of the state.

In the glass, Symphony generally is off-dry with a hint of sweetness. The wine presents pronounced floral and stone fruit aromas and flavors, such as lychee, peaches, and apricots, with enough acid to provide balance and structure. Symphony, a composition of different elements, is an aptly named wine grape. Symphony generally has 11 percent to 13 percent alcohol by volume and works as an aperitif or digestif and goes with melon wrapped in prosciutto, smoked salmon with dill and lemon, and spicy cuisine, such as Buffalo chicken wings, jerk chicken, Szechwan, Thai and Indian food.

Moravia Wines - 2018 Symphony
Co-proprietor and Winemaker Rich Hammond produces two different Symphony wines; a semi-sweet version which is our focus today and he produces a dry version as well, SYMPHONY 2019. Symphony is a true variety of California. We will be tasting for this post and video the Semi-sweet, 2018 Symphony. This 2018 semi-sweet version Moravia Wines’ Symphony has about 4% residual sugar.  Same floral characteristics that is found in every bottle of Symphony wine, both the semi-sweet and the dry.
Noteworthy Awards:

  • San Francisco Chronicle - Gold
  • Monterey County International - Gold, 90 points
  • San Diego Winemaker's Challenge - Silver

Food Pairing Notes:
Moravia Wines Symphony is the perfect wine for spicy Asian-inspired dishes, creamy cheeses, and warm summer nights. Symphony is an ideal complement to many types of cuisine, but pairs especially well with foods that are on the spicy side. Symphony is exceptional with Pad Thai, hot curry melon wrapped in prosciutto, jerk chicken, and Indian dishes. Consider ceviche with some jalapenos in the mix. Enjoy this wine as a wonderful aperitif, paired with melons & prosciutto or served with grilled fruits. Also consider smoked salmon with dill and lemon, corn fritters with salsa verde or spicy buffalo wings. This white is a complex wine with a truly diverse range of modern cuisine! If you have never experienced a Symphony. I certainly would recommend Moravia Wines 2018 Symphony

Moravia Wines is in West Fresno along the Fresno Wine Trail (map) on North Bishop. Learn more about Moravia Wines, you can visit their listing in our Directory

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