Fäsi Estate Winery – 2003 Private Reserve

Fäsi Estate Winery – 2003 Private Reserve

Wed, 07/15/2020 - 07:39 -- johnk

Fasi Estate Winery – 2003 Private Reserve
2009 Fäsi Crest Private Reserve Syrah
CA - Madera County - Madera

Retired Vintage/Library Wine / Ingredients: Organic Syrah Grapes
Winemaker Notes: Deep rich color, black cherry spice. Hint of tobacco with a background of toasty oak. Flavors of blackberry, chocolate, black licorice combined with warm toasty wood flavors and balanced acidity. Fruit forward finish with nuance of vanilla.
Food Pairing: Beef, lamb, BBQ meats, gourmet pastas
Cellaring: Ready to enjoy now
Alcohol 14.14%

Syrah’s often carry flavors of black cherry, black pepper, blackberry, plum, bell pepper, clove, licorice, espresso and dark chocolate.  So, when wondering what pairs best with Syrah’s consider these flavors, and whether these would complement the meal you are planning. Think grilled meats, vegetables, wild game and beef stew for starters.

While I enjoy a good many California Syrah’s there a at least two local wineries in the Fresno and Madera County area that seem to stand out. That being said, I would like to share with you 2003 Fäsi Crest Private Reserve Syrah. I should start out by saying that this wine is a retired vintage/library wine at this time. I just wanted to share with how well this nearly 11-year-old vintage is performing right now.  I just find this to be one of the outstanding wines that has been produced in California's Central Valley.

If you enjoy black cherry with a hint of tobacco and a toasty bit of oak Fäsi Crest Private Reserve Syrah is going to be spot on. If you love to grill beef or lamb this is going to be an excellent wine to pair with what you bring of that grill.

Just a little story about one visit at Fäsi Estates Vineyards.  My wife Bonnie and I just loved this lovely little gem that sits on Highway 41 just north of Fresno on the way up toward Yosemite. Later while I was talking with my friend Lance Huntress with Huntress Media Production about doing a few short videos together at a few wineries.  I reached out to Erica Magarian the winery manager and asked if we might do a shoot at Fäsi Estate Winery.  That proved to be an interesting day. It was the first time ever that Lance or I had ever experienced a hawk taking out our drone. Usually they are simply curious, and the noise of the drone generally keeps them from attacking. However, we think the huge oak that Lance was flying the drone over to look down on the vineyard must have been where their nest was located. Well, the drone was out of commission for about a week worth of repairs. The good news is that both the bird and the drone survived. However, while that was an unexpected event, the visit was hardly a lost cause. Both Lance and I found both Erica and Ken Post the winemaker to be great hosts. We had a delightful time shooting video of Erica in the Tasting Room and interviewing and shooting some video in the Barrel Room with wine maker Ken Post. You can see our interview with Ken Post here on Lance Huntress' YouTube Channel.

If you are ever in the Fresno/Madera area this is one winery I suggest you put on your to do list. Learn more about this winery in our California Winery Directory.