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Ficklin Vineyards wine review.

The clarity is lustrous and shimmering. As you take in the aromas from your glass of this ROSÉ PORT immediately comes to mind juicy red pear along with delightful hints of sweet floral. As you continue to enjoy those first few sips on your palate are flavors of mango and honeydew, ripe strawberry, and green apple. With all of this going on with the delightful bouquet and luscious flavors in between sips you detect a spark of banana. Incredibly pleasant, and enjoyable this wine. Light, refreshing, and yes, slightly tropical. Exceptionally easy to sip, but also complex enough to linger between sips. This is a delightfully well-balanced wine from Ficklin Vineyards.

Ficklin produces some wonderful California Port Style wines. Ficklin’s 1988 Vintage Port is grown-up, mature with spicy flavors and wonderful layers of leather, hints of tobacco all wrapped around dark cherry flavors. Right in the heart of California’s Central Valley wineries you will find that all of Ficklin’s Ports are among a handful of California wineries that consistently produce vintage port style wines.

The Winemaker

With 41 years of award-winning winemaking, third generation partner winemaker Peter Ficklin still guides the daily winemaking and oversees each step in crafting Ficklin's Ports. 

In 1983, Peter was named Winemaker and in 1991 became President of the family corporation. During Peter’s career he has not only continued producing the award-winning Old Vine Tinta Port from the Solera started in 1948, but also revived the Vintage Port program and founded a Tawny Port Solera producing 10-, 15-, 20- and 25-year-old Tawny Ports. His 1991 Vintage Port received an acclaimed Bronze Medal in at an International Port Competition. This Port besting many of the Ports from Portugal.  


Located on The Madera Wine Trail

This winery that calls Madera, CA home is the closest to the Portuguese Ports that Port lovers look for. I encourage you to visit and experience for yourself one of the most consistent, rich, plummy, and with good palate length Ports produced in California. No stewed prune here. I found all that Ficklin offered to be balanced and well-structured. 

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 12:00 to 4:00 pm
Call 559-661-0075
       30246 Avenue 7 1/2  
       Madera, CA   93637


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