Matson Vineyards – 2014 Tango Handcrafted – Tannat and Tempranillo Blend

Matson Vineyards – 2014 Tango Handcrafted – Tannat and Tempranillo Blend

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 08:00 -- johnk

Some years back while visiting family in Redding, CA I had the pleasure of discovering and visiting a small family winery just outside of Redding, CA called Matson Vineyards.  I know, not a big surprise, me visiting another winery – right?  Yes, I love to visit wineries of California and I enjoy visit wineries of all sizes. However, the smaller family wineries hold a special place in my heart. Why? Because of the generally relaxed atmosphere, and at the same time a real energy and passion in the air.  You can sense it as you listen to the owner and often the winemaker as he tell his or her story or simply just getting a conversation rolling on why he, or she loves making wines. The winery I am referring to produces between 1,200 and 1,300 cases of wine each year. The main vineyard is 4.5 acres of vines with two additional locations not to far from the winery.

It was a pleasure to meet Roger Matson winemaker and owner, Lynette Shaw who is cares for marketing, sales & events.  I also had the pleasure of meeting the patriarch of Matson Vineyards, Oscar Matson. The original vineyard was planted in 1981, and the winery was officially established in 1984. This family winery produces some delightful wines. Matson Vineyards produces some wonderful wines at reasonable prices. While they produce several blends and varietals, I would like to introduce Tango. This wine is multifaceted with an array of blackberry, plum, cherry, raspberry and toasted almond aromas that greet you as you approach you glass of this hearty wine. Have had my 2014 laying down for a while so it has softened but this wine in no way have weakened. Present are bold tannins that give way to more intense fruit on the palate. A delightfully bold full-bodied wine. That being said you will likely a younger wine that is still enjoyable but can easily be opened an hour before your meal to allow the wine to breath.

The wine being featured is Maton Vineyards Tango and I have pulled a bottle from my wines a 2014. The first grape of the duet is Tannat. Tannat tastes range from red to black fruit with a bit of black licorice, vanilla, and brown spices. Typically, the more oak-aging, the more spice-driven character the wine will carry. The second grape of this blend is Tempranillo.  Tempranillo usually tastes of spicy plum, blackberry, raspberry, and black cherry when young. As the wine ages you may start to note coffee, tobacco and mineral as they age. 

Food Paring: This blend of Tannat and Tempranillo begs for food that brings to this hearty duo of high protein and high fat to the table. Why? The fats and proteins soften the intense gripping quality of high tannins. This duo dances wonderfully together with foods. Think of pairings of beef, sausage, roasted lamb, duck confit, and assorted aged cheese will serve well to soften the tannins and amplify the richness of the food itself. Learn more about Matson Vineyards.