Westbrook Wine Farm – 2004 Fait Accompli

Westbrook Wine Farm – 2004 Fait Accompli

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 12:55 -- johnk

Westbrook Wine Farm – 2004 Fait Accompli

IngredientsCalifornia Boudreaux Blend – Field Blend

Nose: Wonderful bouquet that evolves as it waits for your enjoyment in the glass

Taste: I hope it is sufficient to say this is a California Boudreaux blend that will give some of the best French Chateau’s a run for their money.  Think of Chateau Pipeau, Lynch Bages and a few other wonderful French wines.

Character: Simply Wow. Glorious, superbly balanced and beautifully integrated fruit. Tannins soft and mellow. Wonderfully long finish.  Outstanding.  This vintage simply singings. Spectacular wine.  Well done.

Cellaring:Drinking wonderfully right now
Alc. by Vol.: 14.5%

Personal note: This is to date, my favorite California Bordeaux Blend.  While each vintage is a bit different, that is not a bad thing at all.  Each year I have enjoyed 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009.  


In French, fait is a conjugated form of the verb faire, which means to do, but it also means fact, which is the applicable context in this phrase. Fait accompli literally translates into fact accomplished.  In English, fait accompli means a course of events that has already been completed and cannot be undone.  Another meaning became clear once again the other night when my wife and I opened a bottle of Fait Accompli “2004” Evolution from Westbrook Wine. 


What a delight to the nose and palate.  While not the first time I have enjoyed Fait Accompli – it had been awhile since I had pulled a cork from a Westbrook bottle.  Trelio Food & Wine by Chris Shackelford posted some interesting comments a few years back on a significant taste test where Westbrook Wine Farm’s “Fait Accompli” really strutted its stuff in a number of tasting rounds. 


Time to go back and meet with Ray Krause, owner and winemaker and stock up again, only a few bottles of his wine left. Yes, this wine which come from Ray Krause, owner and winemaker at Westbrook Wine Farm, is a real jewel. Westbrook Wine Farm in located in O’Neal’s, CA.  Westbrook produces some wonderful wines, and Fait Accompli is certainly Ray Krause’s flagship wine.  You need an appointment to enjoy a tasting, but it is worth the drive if you are near Madera, Fresno or Yosemite, be sure to call.  Westbrook Wine Farm