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San Francisco

Heron Wines

The folks at Heron Wines don't own any vineyards. This allows them to spend their money where it matters (on exceptional grapes and barrels, not mortgages). By establishing both short and long-term contracts with our growers, we have the benefits of consistency and flexibility. They are picky about the vineyard locations and adamant that they are managed by people as passionate about quality as the people at Heron Wines are. Whenever possible, they work with vineyards that are certified or managed organically, biodynamically, or at the very least, sustainably.

Most of their vineyards are dry-farmed and Heron Wines generally prefers old vines, higher elevation, and marine influence with moderate climates, allowing for slower maturation of intensely flavorful grapes.

Heidrun Meadery

The Meadery was founded in 1997 in Arcata, California. In 2011,
the meadery relocated to a farm in Point Reyes Station just across the
Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to develop its botanical and apicultural programs.

San Francisco Mead Company

Mead (all varieties) was excellent and you will love hearing about the great care that goes into this amazing little operation. The owners are excellent, personable hosts and love pouring mead and sharing their stories about the business and their lives.

Never expected this in Hunters (street parking only) - it's definitely worth it!
SF Mead uses local honey, fruit and spices to craft high quality mead.  Oron and Sara’s meads range from dry to sweet.  Honey has a unique character that expresses the character of the region in a new an exciting way.

The tour was very comprehensive and informative. You are able to taste the raw honey that Oron uses to make the mead as well as tasting the mead in various stages. A favorite was the blackberry that was not ready for bottling.

We wish Oron and Sarah continued success so that they can keep pumping out delicious meads.

Captain Vineyards

Captain Vineyards is perched above the Moraga valley, overlooking St. Mary's College on one side and beautiful rolling hills on the or visit their website to schedule a wine tasting, or to buy a bottle of wine!

Blue Rock Vineyard

Blue Rock will produce only small quantities of luxurious red wines that express their sense of place. Blue Rock, therefore, will always make wine from grapes grown exclusively on the 100 acre Estate in Sonoma, Alexander Valley.

Mount Tamalpais Vineyards

Small lots of elegant and intensely flavored Merlot is the specialty of this superb “micro-boutique” winery located in western Marin County, CA. Twice voted “Top 100” wine of the year (San Francisco Chronicle), Mount Tamalpais is crafting delicious Merlot which will enhance any dining experience.

Road 31 Wines

Three vineyard blocks contributed to this wine. From the Nord Vineyard, at the southern mouth of the Napa River where the water spills into the San Pablo/San Francisco Bay, comes the prettiness of clone 115. Stanly Ranch, in Carneros just west across the Napa River from Nord, provided two very different blocks. The structure of clones 114 comes from block 17, which is higher on the hillside, and the prettiness of clone 777 comes from block 14, which is tucked down away from the wind.

Passaggio Wines

Passaggio Wines tasting room in Sonoma California

Cynthia is the owner and winemaker at Passaggio Wines. Cynthia's focus is small lot boutique wines that include unoaked chardonnay, pinot grigio, rose altogether about 10 varieties of wine. Cynthia went from cop to artisan wine crafter, not a typical journey by any stretch. In 2004, Cynthia left a 15-year Law Enforcement career to pursue that passion and family tradition of winemaking. It has been enjoyable to watch Passaggio Wines grow and see Cynthia follow her dreams. Passaggio's tasting room is gorgeous for either tasting, having wine by the glass, or for a special event. The tasting room staff and winemaker are very friendly and accommodating and make you feel right at home. The location in Sonoma Square's Vine Alley makes it an ideal wine tasting destination. Passaggio's welcomes California Corks members too.~

Up date ! Passaggio has moved to Treasure Island San Francisco


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Edmunds St. John

Edmunds St John wines begin with exceptional grapes. At harvest, Steve Edmunds tastes each variety, repeatedly, over a period of days, or weeks, until the flavors start to become vibrant and focussed. At the proper moment, when the balance is lively, the grapes are picked and destemmed, then fermented in open top containers. After pressing, the wine is aged in a simple and time-honored manner without introducing any flavor (such as that derived from brand new oak) that doesn't originate with the grapes themselves. It is our goal to produce wines of the highest level of quality, integrity, and authenticity, the hallmarks of which are balance, nuance, and elegance, wines that express their origins in place and time, wines through which "the earth speaks" in a clear and strong voice.

Kindred Wines

Kindred Wines is a new kind of winery; one without walls, vineyards, or dogs to greet you. We strive to source the best possible grapes, combine down and dirty hard work with 2.0 technology, and share the results with passionate consumers.


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