San Francisco

San Francisco

Rosenblum Cellars

Rosenblum is famous for being all about Zinfandel – Old Vine Zin, High Altitude Zin, Single Vineyard Zin, BIG Attitude Zin. At Rosenblum, they make over 20 different types. Rosenblum Cellars has some of the highest rated, most-awarded Zins from California’s most highly regarded vineyards. Not just Napa and Sonoma, but all over the state. While a founding member of the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers group (ZAP!), Rosenblum does make other amazing wines, including Rhône-style red wines like Syrah, Petite Sirah, Grenache, as well as Rhône-style white wines and dessert wines.

Heidrun Meadery

The Meadery was founded in 1997 in Arcata, California. In 2011,
the meadery relocated to a farm in Point Reyes Station just across the
Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to develop its botanical and apicultural programs.

Edmunds St. John

Edmunds St John wines begin with exceptional grapes. At harvest, Steve Edmunds tastes each variety, repeatedly, over a period of days, or weeks, until the flavors start to become vibrant and focussed. At the proper moment, when the balance is lively, the grapes are picked and destemmed, then fermented in open top containers. After pressing, the wine is aged in a simple and time-honored manner without introducing any flavor (such as that derived from brand new oak) that doesn't originate with the grapes themselves. It is our goal to produce wines of the highest level of quality, integrity, and authenticity, the hallmarks of which are balance, nuance, and elegance, wines that express their origins in place and time, wines through which "the earth speaks" in a clear and strong voice.

R&B Cellars

R&B's core mission has been to create high quality wines that deliver tremendous value to the consumer. Since 1997, winemaker Kevin Brown has taken a detail-oriented and labor-intensive approach to crafting the highest quality wines.

Eight Arms Celler

Eight Arms does not yet have it’s own winery. Iain Boltin, owner/winemaker make the wine at Winterhawk Winery facility located in Suisun Valley. However their business office is located in Berkeley, California.

Kendric Vineyards

Kendric Johnson was my Dad and is the person for whom this enterprise was named. He died in 2001 just as we were getting started. Naming the company after him is meant to both honor his memory and to impose his high personal standards upon the undertaking.

Road 31 Wines

Three vineyard blocks contributed to this wine. From the Nord Vineyard, at the southern mouth of the Napa River where the water spills into the San Pablo/San Francisco Bay, comes the prettiness of clone 115. Stanly Ranch, in Carneros just west across the Napa River from Nord, provided two very different blocks. The structure of clones 114 comes from block 17, which is higher on the hillside, and the prettiness of clone 777 comes from block 14, which is tucked down away from the wind.

Ticket Cellars

A San Francisco based winery making unique artisan wines from some of the best vineyards across California, including: Front Row Zinfandel, Golden Ticket Viognier, Suite Three Syrah, Standing Ovation Sangiovese and Invtiation Only Pinot Noir. A Cabernet Sauvignon and another release of Front Row Zinfandel are coming soon.

West Wind Wines & Caves

West Wind Wines has the only wine cave in Marin County. It took two years to get the permits and two months to build the cave. It is kept at 55 degrees year around to keep the wine in the barrels cool and humid. Inside the cave at an “aroma table”, owner and winemaker Cynthia Klock encourages guests to sniff a hand full of cloves, sniff the wine and then take a sip. The scent will bring out the distinctive essences of cloves in the wine. She also has separate glasses with bits of chocolate, oak, herbs, leather, vanilla and pepper to illustrate the different characteristics in other wines. For example, a sniff of vanilla brings out that unique nature in the Muscat Canelli.


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