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Sierra Foothills

Sierra Foothills

Shenandoah Vineyards

Leon and Shirley founded Shenandoah Vineyard in 1977. They were one of the first four wineries in Amador County's now well known Shenandoah Valley appellation. From the first offering of 1,200 cases, the winery has continued to thrive, adjusting the portfolio of wines over the years. It is now producing about 25,000 cases per year.
Taste the reserve reds for $5 and get to keep the glass.

This Vineyard seems to be the last stop, we watched the sunset come down over the Vineyards as they were closing, simply beautiful.

Organic wines and passionate wine makers.
sting the portfolio of wines over the years. It is now producing about 25,000 cases per year. Demand continues to grow as a result of skilled winemaking, marketing, and strong family commitments to quality and service.

Taste the reserve reds for $5 and get to keep the glass.

This Vineyard seems to be the last stop every time were in Amador County. We watched the sunset come down over the Vineyards as they were closing, simply beautiful.

Coufos Cellars

Coufos Cellars is making a niche for itself by producing fine Rhone style wines such as Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Viognier. Other lesser known Rhones include; Marsanne, Roussanne, Mourvedre and Cinsault, and Grenache.
Coufos Cellars facilities are situated on a former 20 acre dairy farm, which is now dotted with hillside vineyards.

Barns and outbuildings have been carefully converted into new wine making facilities while preserving their historical charm.

Stevenot Winery

The first Stevenot’s came to the area during the great Gold Rush of the mid 1800’s. During that time vineyards began cropping up throughout the region as miners from France, Germany, and Italy were creating a demand for wine on an unprecedented scale. At one time the Sierra Foothills rivaled the areas of Napa and Sonoma combined in vineyard acreage with over 100 wineries established.

Although the industry eventually declined with the advent of prohibition, it wasn’t long before a 5th generation member of the Stevenot family took up where his family had left off and established the winery in the late 1970’s. Recognized as one of the pioneers of the rebirth of wine production in the Sierra Foothills, Stevenot Winery quickly secured its reputation for producing world class wines and for their innovative and award winning style.

Crystal Basin Cellars

Like a good number of California wineries Crystal Basin Cellars has its roots in amateur cooperative winemaking. Beginning under the house in 1981, Cyrstal Basin Cellars created a long string of vintages that captured fun times with friends. Steadily growing from 3 barrels to 25, Cyrstal Basin Cellars outgrew its space and was formed as a commercial winemaking operation in 2000. Since then, Crystal Basin Cellars has produced more than 10,000 cases of wine that have been eagerly devoured by their fans and the winemakers. Each vintage has won at least one Gold Medal in major competitions. with that being said may we suggest that you be sure to try the El Dorado Barbera and Cabernet Franc if you are serious about your Reds. 


Open every day 11AM - 5PM

Rancho Roble

Mark and Therese Adams have deep roots in vine growing and wine making and they have planted these roots in Western Placer County. The vineyards “Syrah Noir” planted in 1999 and “Barbera” planted in 2000 are producing luscious fruit. The Adams selected the Barbera grape because of its rich history in the area. The Italian Barbera was originally introduced to Placer County by the 49’ers during the 19th century Gold Rush. Rancho Roble is;

OPEN Saturdays Noon to 4:00 pm;
CLOSED Sunday & Monday
Open by appointment Tuesday through Friday

Casque Wines

Casque Wines, an urban winery, is just 5 minutes off of I-80 at the Horseshoe Bar exit in Loomis. A tasting room during the day and wine bar at night on the patio. Casque invites you to listen to some great music every Saturday from 6-9 pm.

Sierra Moon Vineyards

EJ retired in July of 2000 from the construction business, having spent most of his career working on major projects overseas. Upon retiring, he immediately started a second career, constructing a vineyard. Prior to retiring, many potential vineyard areas were investigated, and compared to a list of preferred requirements. Sierra Moon Vineyards has five Rhone varietals; two reds; Petite Sirah and Syrah, and three whites; Viognier, Rousanne, and Marsanne. In addition, we have planted Zinfandel, which the Sierra foothills are well known for producing award-winning Zins. All our wines are made from our estate grown grapes

Orleans Hill Winery

Tony Norskog, winemaker and partner, has been making wines for over 25 years. His career includes a stint as head winemaker for Nevada City Winery along with various adventures through the Central Coast of California and France as chief tank washer and grape crusher.

Donn Berdahl, assistant winemaker and partner, joined Tony in March of 2004. Donn and Tony's synergy is evidenced by the tremendous growth the company has seen since they joined forces, growing into a national brand with distribution in nearly every state in the union.

Chappell Winery & Vineryard

The Chappell Winery actually arose from the ashes of the 1990 Yosemite wildfire. Doug and Kathy Chappell (both Ventura County teachers) spent 3 summers building their dream home on the family homestead in Foresta (6 miles east of Yosemite Valley). In June they moved into their new house, and it burned in August. Unsure about what to do next, they moved to Mariposa (the closest town) and bought 45 acres of raw land. In 1992 Doug built another house for his family and decided to become a farmer by planting nine acres of the varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, and Zinfandel. Originally the plan was to focus only on the growing process and all of the grapes were sold to Silver Fox, another Mariposa winery. Of course, Doug couldn't resist trying something new, so he started dabbling in winemaking. After many years of practicing and trying different blends on family and friends, it was time for the Chappell Vineyard to become Chappell Winery. Following an amicable split with Silver Fox, they were bonded in 2004.

Montevina Winery

This is a fun place to try some of the Terra d'Oro and Montevina wines you normally wouldn't find elsewhere to purchase. For everyday drinking, I'm a fan of these wines. These folks produce a lot of wines and it is a bit hard to do everyone right when you produce so many. However, you will find a few gems and it is a lovely winery to visit.


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