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Sierra Foothills

Sierra Foothills

Truckee River Winery

Truckee River Winery was established 23 years ago with the vision of sourcing quality grapes, bringing the fruit to Truckee in order to take advantage of the high elevation and cold temperatures to naturally cool the fermentation and slow down the barrel aging process. Thus becoming the highest and coldest winery. Truckee River Winery's focus from the beginning has been to produce handcrafted wines with great structure and finesse. Their award winning Pinot Noir is the winemaker's,Russ Jones, pride and joy.

Lavender Ridge Vineyard

Rich and Siri Gilpin are the owners and operators of Lavender Ridge Vineyard. Rich has a BS degree in Enology from the University of Davis, CA. He has 25 years of experience in the wine industry and comes from a background of making wine for reputable wineries in Healdsburg, Napa, and the Sierra Foothill regions of California. Rich and Siri both have a passion for organic farming and the use of herbs in the culinary arts, including the use of lavender in special dishes they have created. You'll have to visit them at their tasting room to find out more details.

Lava Cap Winery

two wine glasses clinking

Lava Cap is a family-owned winery in Placerville, California. The Jones family planted their first vines in 1981 and opened the winery in 1986 on a special site in the heart of the Sierra Foothills. The family of geologists specifically selected this location for its prime volcanic soil that is particularly well suited to growing fine wine grapes. They named their new business after this unique "lava cap," where their grapes flourish in the volcanic soil, warmed by the foothill sunshine and cooled by gentle Sierra night breezes.

Grace Patriot Wines

The Irving family immigrated to the United States from Nova Scotia. Grandfather John Irving worked in the Comstock Lode silver mines near Virginia City, Nevada before moving to Jackson, California to mine gold. In 1890, they acquired an 84 acre ranch east of Placerville. It was known as the four mile ranch because it straddled the main road east, formerly the route of the Pony Express. An existing house on the property was present at the time of their acquisition and is listed on the county tax rolls from 1885.After years of clean up and restoration, the ranch has become one of the show places in the Apple Hill area. The property has approximately 16 acres of wine grapes, as well as, peaches and eight varieties of apples farmed by a local retail fruit operation.

Karly Winery

The winery started as a hobby in 1978, and then evolved into a business for ex-fighter pilot Buck Cobb who named it for his wife Karly. Karly Wines was one of the four original wineries in the Shenandoah Valley of Amador. Amador County producer of Zinfandel, Mediterranean varietals, Sauvignon Blanc, and dessert wines.

Sierra Vista Winery

Another out of the way Sierra foothill winery. A bit of a drive to get there but worth it.
The view of the Crystal Range especially when there is snow on the mountains is beautiful and the fall view when the grape vines have turned color is awesome also. The tasting room is small and simple and personal. The winery's signature wine is the Fleur de Montagne. This is a Rhone blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsault.

Lone Buffalo Vineyards

Lone Buffalo Vineyards, launched in 2007 in Auburn, CA is the culmination of owner and winemaker Phil Maddux’s thirty-five year passion for wine making. The buffalo's power and resilience in the face of encroaching civilization symbolizes hope and renewal for humanity and harmony among all people. Here in the Sierra foothills, Lone Buffalo Vineyards symbolizes this same hope and renewal with its contribution to the re-emergence of the wine-making tradition in Placer County.

Dono Dal Cielo Vineyards

The greatest pleasure of these wines is visiting the winery in person. Karen, Bill and Hunter, the family behind this delicious brand, are nothing less than welcoming and feel like family as you exit. While they have continued to produce the dominant Zin for the region they have expanded with branded Sav Blancs, Chards and even a Rosé. While many boutique wineries focus odd blends, high tannins and a focus on eclectic palates, Dono dal Cielo hones in on very "drinkable" wines.

PARAV1 Vineyards

The bold reds and smooth flavors, that Tom painstakingly handcrafts from each pure varietal, leaves one craving more and more. The wine is a bit pricier than most places around but it is for a very good reason. The winery is beautiful. The staff are friendly.

Baiocchi Wines

They say genetic traits can skip generations. Greg Baiocchi would argue that passions can skip generations well. This was the case for Greg’s father, who grew up watching his father, Maggio Baiocchi, make wine. While the smell alone was enough to dissuade Greg’s dad from following in his father’s footsteps, it was not enough to keep Greg from doing so. As a boy of five or six, Greg remembers watching his grandfather in his basement, working the old equipment. The sights, sounds and smells of watching him make wine are still vividly alive for Greg Baiocchi today.


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