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Sierra Foothills

Sierra Foothills

Fiddletown Cellars

The winery is located in Fiddletown, a picturesque and sleepy town, founded around 1849, during the Gold Rush. Fiddletown is one of California's smallest AVA and is located within the larger Sierra Foothills AVA. At an elevation of 1800 feet, the vineyards have the longest growing season in Amador Country, allowing for maximum flavor concentration and exceptional balance year in and year out.Good wine is like good magic; it always tells a story, paints a picture and creates memories. By balancing the art of winemaking with the science of the craft, our wines are delicious, substantial and memorable.

Irish Vineyard

In 1998, the Irish family left the Valley in pursuit of their dreams, hoping to find a quaint location where they could raise their children and build a winery. The small town of Vallecito had both, and the historic Batten house became the foundation on which this dream would grow. The Batten farmhouse, built in 1867, offered the family a perfect place to plant their winery. A very pleasurable and fun experience! The Irish family is very hospitable and the wine is among the best in the Murphy’s area.

Karly Winery

The winery started as a hobby in 1978, and then evolved into a business for ex-fighter pilot Buck Cobb who named it for his wife Karly. Karly Wines was one of the four original wineries in the Shenandoah Valley of Amador. Amador County producer of Zinfandel, Mediterranean varietals, Sauvignon Blanc, and dessert wines.

Windwalker Vineyard

Good wines, good service, and nice atmosphere. They have a fantastic assortment of reds, including some interesting ports. Go here for a picnic! They have a great patio and deck. If you call ahead with a big party, they will do their best to make sure you have fun.

Prospect 772 Wine Company

Explore Calaveras County, where there is plenty of sunshine and wine to soak up. Nestled at the base of the Sierra Foothills, Appaloosa Vineyard, home to Prospect 772 winery, is just under a 2-hour drive from Oakland. Boasting pristine vineyard views, a gorgeous new winery and tasting room bar, shaded bocce ball court and amazing wines, make Prospect 772 your next wine tasting destination.

Jodar Vineyard & Winery

Overlooking the sheer American River Canyon below, the steeply terraced Jodar vineyard is located near the edge of El Dorado National Forest at 2,400 feet elevation. The Jodar family literally blasted the vineyard from the granite hillside in 1985 to launch a journey, which is still in progress. In the spring of 1986 the task of carving terraces in the steep and rocky terrain was completed, and a small army of friends and relatives was recruited to plant the first 4,200 vines.was so impressed with their pairings. Jodar Vineyard & Winery most of the other wineries, they paired their wines with small bites to bring out the flavors. Sangiovese was paired with bruschetta, their petit syrah was paired with gorgonzola and their port was paired with the most amazing tangerine-balsamic coated cheese.

Terre Rouge * Easton Wines

Nice tasting room with a wide selection, the young woman who was pouring was getting her details a little twisted, but I think it was because it was busy. There was a wine festival that weekend and all the tasting rooms were bustling. Whats nice about Terre Rouge is that they actually had the space to accommodate. So many wines, so little time.

Vino Noceto

Established in 1987 by Suzy & Jim Gullett, Vino Noceto is a small, family-run vineyard and winery, renowned for premium Sangiovese wine. A pioneer in the renaissance of this noble Tuscan varietal, we now produce eight different Sangiovese wines Chianti, Brunello, and Super Tuscan styles, and have 25 acres of estate-grown grapes. Larger groups of 8 or more & limousines require appointments to ensure that Vino Noceto are staffed to provide the highest quality service and a memorable tasting experience.

Scott Harvey Wines - Plymouth

Scott Harvey doesn't have a typical tasting room in Napa, they are located in Amador county. If you are lucky enough to get a hold of Scott, you will visit his home that he shares with his wife Jana and be treated to a low-key conversational tasting. Both Scott and Jana are wonderful warm people who you will love to chat with. Scott is an experienced winemaker with lots of history and knowledge. Oh, and don't forget his great wines!

Story Winery

Driving up, the place is quite understated. Once you walk around the side of the tasting room and see the view you have to just stop and admire the beauty. Easily one of the best views in the entire valley! Going inside the tasting room you're greeted by a very personable staff. They all have genuine smiles on their faces and welcome you in. The tasting menu is well balanced here with a nice selection of red and white wines that should work for most any taste.


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