Sierra Foothills

Sierra Foothills

Broll Mountain Vineyards

Born from a dream of producing the best wine in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, Betty and Bill Broll founded Broll Mountain Vineyards in 1998. When Betty and Bill first saw the 25 acres of rustic land perched on top of a mountain overlooking Murphys, they knew that with love and vision, they had found an amazing piece of property that could make their dream become reality. Dirt was carved out of the mountain. An old mine was closed off. New vines were planted. Beautiful new buildings with Tuscan influence were erected and pre-existing structures were modified. Mining artifacts from the California Gold Rush found on the property were put on display. Hundreds of olive trees and roses were planted, as well as other lush landscaping. What was once a small mountain vineyard in disrepair is now the lush Broll Mountain Vineyards of today that produces award-winning wines.

Naggiar Vineyards & Winery

There is a style consistent here at Naggiar Vineyards & Winery from wine to wine. This tells me that they have a winemaker who knows what he is doing. There is no luck here these people have an approach to winemaking that is sustainable. The tasting room is extremely inviting and very well done. The views are more Napa like than Foothill. The odd thing is that the winery is in the middle of no where. In Grass Valley but the drive is lovely and only 20 min from Auburn.

Sierra Vista Winery

Another out of the way Sierra foothill winery. A bit of a drive to get there but worth it.
The view of the Crystal Range especially when there is snow on the mountains is beautiful and the fall view when the grape vines have turned color is awesome also. The tasting room is small and simple and personal. The winery's signature wine is the Fleur de Montagne. This is a Rhone blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsault.

Bent Metal Winery

While in his late twenties and early thirties Scot Brown would on many ocasions with is father-in law sit drinking wine on a deck and look out over a hill or open space, and talk about how great it would be to plant a vineyard there or make wine there. Well, eventually Scott figured out that all the two of them were going to do was talk about it.
Scott and his wife Judy started making some wines and they kept getting better. The couple sent a bottle of Cab Franc to the Amador county wine competition. The two soon forgot about it until a month or so later Judy was out at the mail box cackling laughing. Scott asked what was so funny. She said the had won an award! Since then Bent Metal Winery has received numerous wine making awards.

Terre Rouge & Easton Wines

Nice tasting room with a wide selection of wines is what you will find at Terre Rouge & Easton Wines. There was a wine festival that weekend and all the tasting rooms were bustling. Whats nice about Terre Rouge is that they actually had the space to accommodate everyone. So many wines, so little time. 


Tues-Weds   Closed
Thur     11:00am to 4:00pm
Fri       11:00am to 4:00pm
Sat      11:00am to 4:00pm
Sun     11:00am to 4:00pm
Mon    11:00am to 4:00pm

Truckee River Winery

Truckee River Winery was established 23 years ago with the vision of sourcing quality grapes, bringing the fruit to Truckee in order to take advantage of the high elevation and cold temperatures to naturally cool the fermentation and slow down the barrel aging process. Thus becoming the highest and coldest winery. Truckee River Winery's focus from the beginning has been to produce handcrafted wines with great structure and finesse. Their award winning Pinot Noir is the winemaker's,Russ Jones, pride and joy.

BellaGrace Vineyards

BellaGrace, like many other Plymouth wineries, is lovely and sophisticated without pretension. I must say that I am always pleased with the friendly service and warm greetings we receive when we arrive. Their 2010 Barbera is a multi-award winner. I have to say that this is a must-have! I've rarely tasted anything like it. Super friendly staff here, and the owner was very nice as well. The wine cave was worth checking out, and its cool temperature was a haven from the summer heat.
And...tasting is free!
Wine Cave - 22715 Upton Road Plymouth, CA Open Saturday & Sunday 11-4 during winter
Sutter Creek Tasting Room 73 Main Street Sutter Creek CA Open Thursday - Monday 11-5

TKC Vineyards

The tasting room that I like to visit. There is nothing touristy about it - it is simple and understated. And the wine? So good! A great little find. A campy tasting room that includes the aroma of wine laden wooden barrels ended up with some of the most aged wines.

Woffard Acres Vineyard

This was homiest and friendliest of the 3 wineries we visited. The view off the hill cannot be beat. It is gorgeous. It was neat to see the vines with fruit hanging off of them. Some of it had been picked and was waiting for pick-up, which happened quite often as the owner whizzed by on his ATV. We could see people in the back taking the grapes he had just delivered and running them through a press.

Winery By The Creek

Winery by the Creek located in the village of Fair Play, California. Surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, this American Viticulture Area compares favorably to other fine wine making appelations in the world. The Cave is where the wines are cellared. Taste wine futures by candle light - right from the barrel.


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