Circle B Wines

Painting by Agata Zaborowski

​Clara and Steve Baker's story of becoming winemakers starts with retiring from lifelong careers in construction management and police work. Yearning to leave busy Southern California behind, they targeted Paso Robles where they could slow down and enjoy each other’s company. In 2012 they moved into a gorgeous home on a 5-acre blank slate, perfect for a peaceful vineyard with stunning views.

The first half acre of 600 head-trained Grenache vines was planted in June of 2012 and they were off! With 3 1/2 acres still untouched, in 2014 Tempranillo, Grenache, Carignane, and Tannat vines were planted to complete the vision. 

Clara and Steve thought they would sell the majority of the grapes, make a little wine, and enjoy the country lifestyle. Wow! Were they wrong. This husband and wife team quickly discovered they retired to work harder as farmers! Maintaining four acres with 3,900 vines on them is a full-time job that requires patience, stamina, science, and instinct.

Ciento Cellars

Painting by Agata Zaborowski

"CIENTO" was born out of two inspirations.  "Cielo" or heaven in Spanish and "Viento" or wind.  In other words, "Heaven Wind."  It also happens to be the number one hundred in Spanish, perfection in the world of wine.  This is not about perfection, it's about joy, creativity, hard work, and family.  If perfection comes someday, the team at Ciento will be doubly blessed. 
The dream of Dave, Antonia, Sam, and Diego at this small family vineyard and winery started nearly 20 years ago.  It was just a dream then, but took a big step toward reality when we purchased our property in Paso Robles, CA in 2012.  It took seven long years of thinking, planning, raising a family, and dreaming before planting the vineyard in 2019.  
Ciento is 14 acres under vine with eight grape varietals.  The vines are thriving, producing beautiful, aromatic, and complex wines.   The team at Ciento is excited to showcase their handcrafted, small-batch wines! 

Helwig Winery

Located in Plymouth, California, Helwig Winery offers guests a multitude of wine-tasting experiences in a setting that cannot be beaten. With the winery's sweeping vistas overlooking lush vineyards, breathtaking views of the Sierra and Coastal mountains, and sunsets that will take your breath away, we are confident your experience will be a memorable one. If you are going to visit Amador County Wineries be sure to put Helwig WInery on the list. Tell winemaker Scott Helwig we suggested his wines and winery. 

Bodega de Edgar

Painting by Agata Zaborowski

A journey into the coastal town of Cambria, CA opened the eyes of Edgar Torres's father, a young immigrant, to a better life for his family. Sure enough, Edgar's father was right. A whole world was out there for his children to embrace. Bodega is the Spaniard term for a winery or cellar. Considering the Torres Family's Hispanic heritage and passion for Spanish wines, the brand name seemed a natural fit. 

Edgar Torres's wine journey started as a waiter in Paso Robles, CA. There he was exposed to many great wine producers. Several winemakers became friends and eventually opened their doors to Edgar and his desire to learn more about wines. Like so many before him, Edgar started as a Cellar Rat and moved on to learn the many different aspects of the wine industry. Winemaker Edgar Torres and his enthusiasm for producing great wines brought him and his wife to the development of our brand, Bodega de Edgar, in 2007.

Bethel Road Distillery & Winery

The path to Bethel Rd. has been one of passion, experimentation, and homage to the tradition of spirit-making from around the world. Creativity and community are at the center of the Bethel Rd. mission with the goal being to manifest a space that is both inviting and inspirational.

Located just off Highway 46 West in the heart of Paso Robles wine country, Bethel Rd. is the perfect spot to enjoy craft spirits and wine in a cozy and inviting setting. The vineyard views are breathtaking 

The Bethel Rd distillery and winery is run by the Udsen family, of Castoro Cellars, who are pioneers of Paso Robles wine country. One can expect much more than distilled spirits when visiting Bethel Rd.

Thursday - Monday: 11:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
Spirit Tasting Flight $20
Wine Tasting $20
Club Members Taste Free!

Cloak and Dagger Wines

Minimum security tasting is available at Cloak and Dagger's  Tasting Lounge in downtown Paso Robles. The Tasting Lounge is located in a small historic building in the town square, overlooking the City Park. Outward appearances would suggest the Lounge is little more than a delightful wine-tasting venue in the heart of Paso Robles’ vibrant downtown scene. Appearances can be deceiving. The Tasting Lounge is located at 840 11th Street, Paso Robles.

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