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Toast Head Wines

Named for the traditional practice of toasting barrel heads and staves to impart a mellow, toasted flavor to barrel-aged wines, Toasted Head began making hand-crafted wines at our vineyards in the Dunnigan Hills of Yolo County, California in 1995. Toast Head is widely distributed in grocery, BevMo etc.

Orin Swift Vineyards

I'm writing this review based on their "unofficial" tasting room that's upstairs in their main office. I know a "real" tasting room will soon open down on the main street, and I'm not sure how much the atmosphere is going to change but if you get a chance to make an appointment at their super secret tasting, do it now!

In the low-key tasting experience, you'll get to sit around a small table with a few other die-hard Orin Swift groupies and taste their entire library of wines! You'll have a friendly, knowledgable guide tell you stories about each wine, the label, the history and more. The tasting is complimentary and there's no pressure to buy any wine, though the direct prices are good and you'll find wines that are hard to get anywhere else.
The tasting is friendly, fun, leisurely, well-paced, and you get the feeling of being a true winery VIP since it's by appointment only. It's also one of the only places in town where, after the tasting, you'll be asked if there's any wine you'd like to revisit. This is SUCH a nice touch and is very appreciated. I love this tasting experience and I love their wine. It's a must-stop in Napa.

E2 Family Winery

The Ehlers family history, within the wine business, began
during the early days of prohibition. Some of the first,
family ancestors arrived in California in 1835 where they
settled in the town of Lockeford and in the town of
Courtland, along the Sacramento river. The more recent
family migrated to California after a brief stay in Minnesota
after arriving from Germany.

Falcor Wines

Certainly located in the least likely place you would imagine a wine tasting place to reside. Its oddly situated in an almost vacant business center, just a block away from the DMV, along with an exterior portraying anything but a winery.

We fortunately were pleasantly surprised to walk into an exceptional, cozy, secluded, classy atmosphere. Similar to the living and dining room of a fairly decent sized nice home. All equipped with two absolutely cute lab dogs named Thora and of course Falcor. Some might be taken back with the presence of dog's in a wine tasting room, however, being the dog lovers my friend and I both are, it was an added bonus. We were also given a quick tour of the small establishment and which Stacy explained to us how they actually hand press there grapes in the barrels which explains why they of course only develop smaller batches.

I'm glad we found Falcor, which was the height of our Napa trip. What a great selection of tasting wines! And what STRONG wines those were! We had:

2012 Trousseau Gris, Russian River Valley
A great opener. A crisp wine flavored with honeysuckle, pear and melon.

2008 Chardonnay, Los Carneros ($36)
A gentle butterscotch flavor with a toasty oakiness.

2007 Bilancia, Napa Valley ($37)
A blend of 48% Zinfandel, 26% Syrah, 21% Petit Sirah and 5% Charbono.

2006 Syrah, Napa Valley ($34)
A strong wine with blackberry, wild plum and dried currants.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley ($65)
A well-balanced wine that aged nicely! I enjoyed this one the most.


Indoor offers couches and casual seating throughout their modern wood paneled tasting room. Ourdoor tastings allow you to lay back on a chaise lounge and enjoy the sun and bask over the vineyards. A truly great tasting experience that is relaxed, cozy, tasty, fun, informative, and for a reasonable price. Paraduxx is the 2nd Tier (of 4) winery brand from Duckhorn with others being Decoy and Goldeneye. These are blend wines so while tasty are not yet appreciated by serious wine enthusiasts though this is changing.
They do table service a little differently than most, which I enjoyed. They bring out your entire flight of tastings at the same time and give you information on each wine. I like a little more privacy to decide if I like the wine without feeling pressure.
Our sommelier was really energetic and passionate about the wine - loved his interest in us and the wine.

Big White House

Big White House Winery specialize in handcrafted luxury wines of rare quality served in an informal tasting room that encourages education in a fun environment. Barrel tasting is available nearly every weekend as part of your tasting experience. Most weekends John Evan, John the Elder and Stephanie are pouring in the tasting room with a host of knowledgeable volunteers. Wine club members and their guests receive free complimentary tasting at both locations.

Clos Solène Winery

Painting by Agata Zaborowski


At first, and we are talking when he was 5 years old, Guillaume was into winegrowing, following his father everywhere on their property in the Languedoc-Roussillon. But as he grew up he would be interested in what was happening to the grapes he had been helping to grow and got into winemaking as well. After graduating from Oenology and Viticulture in Carcassonne, his parents moved, selling the family property to buy a new one, in Bourg, a village near Bordeaux. Disappointed, Guillaume stayed in the Languedoc and visited his parents on weekends but not convinced to move… until he met her.

But they had different lives to live. She had to go to Spain and he had to go to California. Alas, their love survived the distance and they faced the obstacles together so that when he asked her to move with him to Paso Robles, refusing to take on the family property but instead developing his own brand, she knew his passion for wine would take them somewhere - she would just have to follow him and trust him. This is how, in 2007, they started Clos Solène. It isn’t all smooth and easy, but Guillaume works still with the same passion, which he claims is alive because the love of his life has faith and trust in him.

Sheldon Wines

Tobe and Dylan put their heart and soul into every bottle. If you're a wine novice, just ask Tobe and she'll steer you straight! As you take the first taste, you'll start to unwind in the Sippy Lounge! If you're a wine geek - I'm totally sure that Dylan will find something of his to knock your sox off with!
If you're visiting the Sonoma County wine country - this is a MUST visit!

Laguna Canyon Winery

Laguna Canyon Winery is currently featuring three brands that are available in their two tasting rooms and 15 states throughout the United States. Their main premium brand 'Laguna Canyon', 'Purple Paws' and Wyland Cellars. A portion of all Purple Paws wine sales go the care of homless pets. Marine artist 'Wyland' embellishes the Wyland Cellars brand and a portion of the sales go to the Wyland Foundation which supports clean rivers, oceans, the environment and the protection of sea life. Our founder John Krause has made several visits to Laguna Canyon Winery when he would commute between San Diego and Orange County. Do yourself a favor when visiting Laguna Canyon Winery and be sure to try a few of their red blends. *

Mon      Closed
Tues     11:00am to 6:00pm
Wed      11:00am to 6:00pm
Thur     11:00am to 6:00pm
Fri        11:00am to 6:00pm
Sat        11:00am to 6:00pm
Sun       11:00am to 6:00pm


In 1998, Dr. Kosta M. Arger and Richard L. Martucci, one Greek American, the other of Italian descent, made the decision over a glass of Cabernet to form Arger-Martucci Vineyards. Dr. Arger is a well-respected cardiologist with an intense passion for winemaking. Rich Martucci, the founder of a successful community bank chain, possesses an extensive background in both business and finance. Together their unique talents create an ideal partnership. No matter what you drink they're all good, but some of them are awesome! I really enjoyed the PS and the Cab Franc.



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