Wilson Winery

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lovely patio. Terrific events. They have a fantastic patio for sipping wines and catching up with family or friends. It's a very nice photo op, and their two cutie dogs wander around looking for new friends.

Moshin Vineyards

If you like Pinot you will love this winery. Just driving to this winery is reason enough to visit!
Its a small winery, that isn't super cute, but the service and tastings were great! Our server asked if he could just pour what he wanted and we ended up getting an extensive tasting.

Lagier Meredith

After following the challenging road up the mountainside we came to this beautiful home overlooking the valley and their fields. While the view from their home porch was breathtaking, and the active hummingbird feeders captivating, the time spent talking to this husband-wife wine making team was fascinating. A visit to this winery not only includes a tasting of their wonderful Syrahs, but also great conversation about wine making, genetics and theories of growing grapes in Napa Valley. A great stop and we will remember this visit each time we open a bottle at home.

Alapay Cellars

Alapay owners Scott and Rebecca Remmenga are passionate about their wines and giving each customer personalized attention within an approachable, relaxing, non-intimidating setting. Alapay does not distribute to wholesalers, restaurants or wine shops, so you will only find these special wines in their seaside wine cellar. They pride themselves on being part of the total wine production process and being "hands-on winemakers".

Shasta View Vineyards

Shasta View Vineyards is located in Northern California approximately 30 miles south of the California/Oregon border just east of I-5 between the two small communities of Hornbrook and Montague. Shasta View Vineyards is proud to be one of the founding wineries of this region and the furthest most northern registered winery in the state of California.

Twisted Roots Vineyard

Centered in the heart of the Lodi appellation, Twisted Roots Vineyard is the work of three generations of family members dedicated to the practice of growing great wine grapes following Sustainable Growing practices. While the family has had an established vineyard in 1918, it wasn't until recently that they began producing their own wines. ​ The family has a tasting room in Carmel Valley, CA.

Chateau Montelena Winery

Chateau Montelena is a Napa Valley winery most famous for winning the white wine section of the historic "Judgement of Paris" wine competition. I had high expectations coming into this experience after the depth of history. From the time you walk up to Chateau Montelena, the grounds are extremely well kept and there's a feeling of serenity.

We decided to opt for the Library Tasting, which I'd highly recommend. We sampled the estate wine, which exudes a much more complex taste than the standard Chateau line of wine. After sampling several vintages ranging from 2005 to 2011, I was completely sold on the hype. It probably also helped that Sean was extremely accommodating and his passion for wine as well as working at Chateau Montelena is apparent. If you book this tasting, be sure to ask for Sean. Did you see "Bottle Shock"?

Fresno State Winery

The Fresno State Winery produces a wide variety of wines from the most popular and well-known of wines such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to up-and-coming varieties like Syrah to lesser-known wines that are made in small batches.
The complete line of Fresno State wines is available at this web site and the Farm Market at the southeast corner of Barstow and Chestnut.
At the Fresno State Winery we strive to engage our students in all aspects of the winemaking profession.

Fernwood Cellars

Every winemaker pours a little bit of their self into their handcrafted wines. From the soil, vineyard, grapes and the actual end product, the wine. Six generations our family has cared for and improved the estate and has heavily shaped what the Fernwood Cellars brand has become today.

Manzanita Creek Winery

We stopped in here several years ago, quite confused, because I had read about another winery with a similar name in the area and I was looking for the fields of lavender. Obviously that's not what you'll get in this industrial warehouse near Healsburg square, but it's not about the scenery here - it's all about the wines, and how delicious they are. If you're a fan of big, bold Zins, I cannot recommend this place enough. They also make a very decent Chardonnay and some Syrah and Petit Syrahs, but my heart belongs to the zin, especially the amazing Stealth.


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