Have you tried Award Winning Papagni 2019 Montepulciano Wine?"

Have you tried Award Winning Papagni 2019 Montepulciano Wine?"

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A Story of Montepulciano Wine from Vine to Glass

Amidst the sun-drenched vineyards of Madera County, the story of a flavorful wine. Montepulciano wines continued to unfold, a testament to the enduring legacy of family, tradition, and the boundless possibilities of winemaking. Montepulciano wines originate from Italy, primarily from the region of Abruzzo, although they are also produced in other parts of central and southern Italy. The wine is made predominantly from the Montepulciano grape variety, known for its thick skin and deep color.

Montepulciano wines are typically medium to full-bodied with moderate acidity and soft tannins, a flavorful wine. They often exhibit flavors of dark berries, cherries, plums, and sometimes hints of spices or herbs. The wine can vary in style depending on winemaking techniques, aging process, and terroir.

In Italy, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is one of the most well-known and widely produced examples of this wine. It is often enjoyed when young, displaying vibrant fruit flavors and a smooth texture. However, some producers also make more complex and age-worthy versions that benefit from aging in oak barrels.

Outside of Italy, Montepulciano grapes are also grown in regions like California, where winemakers have adapted the varietal to different terroirs and winemaking styles. These California Montepulciano wines often showcase the bold fruit flavors characteristic of the grape, with a touch of New World flair. Overall, Montepulciano wines offer a versatile and approachable option for both everyday enjoyment and special occasions, with their fruit-forward profiles and food-friendly nature.

California’s Central Valley and some excellent wine grapes and wines that are produced there

The Papagni family's journey in grape growing and winemaking is a testament to their enduring dedication and commitment to their craft. With roots tracing back to Bari, Italy, they inherited a tradition steeped in the art of cultivating grapes, a legacy passed down through generations.

In 1912, the Papagni family embarked on a new chapter in their story, immigrating to the San Joaquin Valley in central California and bringing with them their cherished traditions. Settling in the fertile lands of Madera, California, they saw an opportunity to continue their legacy and realize their dream of producing exceptional wines in the San Joaquin Valley.

Driven by their passion and fueled by their vision, the Papagni family set about establishing a vineyard that would uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Great Wine STARTS in the vineyard

The family carefully selected premium grape varieties suited to the region's terroir, meticulously monitoring their vineyards and embracing the latest advancements in cultivation and irrigation techniques. Yet, amidst the modernity of their approach, the Papagni family never lost sight of the timeless wisdom passed down through generations. They honored the ancient traditions of their ancestors, recognizing that it was the combination of these age-old practices with innovative methods that would yield the finest of premium wines.

Meet Demetrio Papagni 2019 Montepulciano

This Papagni 2019 Montepulciano is a delightful wine, with its fruit-forward profile, and soft rounded tannins that pair well with a variety of Italian cuisine, including pasta dishes with tomato-based sauces, pizza, lasagna, and risotto. This 2019 Montepulciano will also go well with grilled or roasted meats like chicken, pork, and sausages, as well as dishes featuring mushrooms or eggplant. For cheese pairings, consider younger and milder cheeses like mozzarella or provolone.

A Bit of Italy Right Here in California

Today, the Papagni family's vineyards in Madera, California, stand as a testament to their legacy—a testament to the enduring spirit of tradition and innovation that defines their approach to winemaking. With each bottle of wine they produce, they invite wine lovers to experience not only the fruits of their labor but also the rich tapestry of their heritage, rooted in the vineyards of Bari, Italy, and flourishing in the sun-drenched soils of Madera, California. The Papagni family's deep-rooted tradition in grape growing and winemaking traces back to their ancestral home in Bari, Italy. For generations, they have cherished and preserved the art of cultivating grapes, passing down their knowledge and expertise from one family member to the next.

History - The Papagni Family Immigrates to California's Central Valley

In 1912, the Papagni family immigrated to central California, bringing with them their passion for winemaking. They settled in the fertile lands of Madera, California, where they saw the potential to continue their legacy and fulfill their dream of producing fine wines in the San Joaquin Valley. With unwavering dedication, the Papagni family set out to establish premium vineyards in Madera. They carefully selected and planted grape varieties suited to the region's climate and soil, combining traditional farming methods with the latest advancements in cultivation and irrigation technology. Throughout the years, the family's commitment to quality remained steadfast.

The Papagni's meticulously tended to their vineyards, ensuring that each grape received the utmost care and attention. By blending ancient traditions with modern techniques, they sought to create wines of exceptional caliber that would honor their heritage and delight wine enthusiasts around the world.

Today, the Papagni family's vineyards in Madera, California, stand as a testament to their enduring legacy. Their wines reflect not only the richness of the land but also the depth of their passion and the timeless traditions that have been handed down through generations. With each bottle, they invite wine lovers to savor the fruits of their labor and experience a taste of the Papagni family's heritage.

Not only will you find Italian varietals like Montepulciano, but if you stop in for a wine tasting in their tasting room just off Highway 99 in Madera you will also be delighted with Alicante Bouschet, which has a great depth and full-bodied flavor. Concentrated aromas of blackberry, blueberry, and cherry mingle with black pepper undertones. This brooding wine has a lushly textured palate showcasing blackberries and black cherry wrapped in dark chocolate, leading to a velvety finish.  Nero d'Avola is a medium-bodied, fruity wine yet balanced wine that showcases bright and fresh aromas of ripe strawberries and raspberries that lead to a silky palate. A beautiful everyday food wine that will pair well with light tomato-based pasta sauces, pork chops, and veal and it is a great match for burgers and buffalo wings.

Not Limited to Montepulciano

You will also find Alicante Bouschet, Barbera, Carignane, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese, and Zinfandel to mention a few that are grown, harvested, and produce additional wines to experience and savor.

Want to make your own wine?

Papagni also provides bulk wines to other wineries and grape juice concentrate for winemakers. The wine juice varietals available are Alicante, Carignane, Muskat/Malvasia, Petite Sirah, and Zinfandel.

It's fascinating to explore the evolution of Italian grape varietals in the United States and how they express themselves differently in California and other regions. Here's a breakdown of some popular Italian wines in America and their American counterparts:


  • Italian Profile: Sour cherry, mulberry, dried herbs.
  • American Profile: Fresh blackberry sauce, red plum, black licorice, chocolate, soft tannins.
  • California Region: Sierra Foothills and Central Valley.


  • Italian Profile: Cherries, floral herbs, sandalwood, mocha powder, brisk acidity, grippy tannins.
  • American Profile: Explosive flavors of cherries, floral herbs, sandalwood, mocha powder, brisk acidity, medium to grippy tannins.
  • Regions: Santa Barbara, California to Washington State, Sierra Foothills, Mendocino, Pope Valley (Napa), Lake County, Wahluke Slope, Walla Walla.


  • Italian Profile: Aromas of roses, black cherries, high acidity, high tannin.
  • American Profile: Pale color, aromas of candied roses, cherries, fresh tannins, cocoa powder.
  • Regions: Amador (Sierra Foothills), Paso Robles, Santa Ynez, Lake County, Oregon.


  • Italian Profile: Bold, rustic, tart red and black fruit flavors, pepper.
  • American Profile: Ripe boysenberry, blackberry, green olive, green peppercorn, tart plum acidity, high tannin.
  • Region: Lodi.


  • Italian Profile: Bittersweet flavors of grapefruit, pomelo, and a bright acidity.
  • American Profile: Aromatic, leaning towards white peach, grapefruit pith, minerally acidity.
  • Region: Lodi.

These comparisons highlight the adaptability of Italian grape varietals to different terroirs and climates in the United States, resulting in unique expressions of these wines. Exploring these Italian-American wines offers wine enthusiasts an exciting journey through the fusion of Old World tradition and New World innovation. I look forward to sharing other Italian Veritials, the wines and the winemakers in California with you in the future.