San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, a Hidden Gem

San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, a Hidden Gem

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Riboli Family greeting you with wine


San Antonio Winery: A Historic Gem in Los Angeles

Riboli Family - A Rich History

Santos Stefano barrel tasting

Established in 1917 the winery has weathered the storms of Prohibition, the Great Depression, and countless other challenges to become a beloved institution. Its roots trace back to a time when Los Angeles was dotted with vineyards, making it a key player in the region’s winemaking heritage.

The winery was named after Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost causes and Santo Cambianica patron saint, hoping for divine protection and success in his new venture. Cambianica’s foresight and determination paid off, and the winery thrived, even during Prohibition, by producing sacramental wines for the Church. This strategic pivot not only kept the business afloat but also laid the foundation for its future growth.

San Simeon Wines

San Antonio Winery boasts an impressive portfolio of wines, catering to a diverse array of palates and preferences. The winery produces a variety of varietals, including of reds, whites, sparkling wines, and dessert wines, displaying the rich viticultural diversity of California, Italy and beyond. Some of their most popular lines include:

Stella Rosa

A range of semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wines that have become immensely popular for their approachable flavors and lower alcohol content. With flavors ranging from red berries to tropical fruits, Stella Rosa appeals to a younger, more casual wine-drinking demographic.


Named after the matriarch of the Riboli Family, Maddalena Riboli, this line features premium wines that highlight the best of California’s Central Coast. Known for their robust reds and crisp whites, Maddalena wines are celebrated for their complexity and elegance.

Maddalena Riboli with customer in original tasting room

San Simeon

A collection that pays homage to the most prestigious regions located along California’s Central Coast: Monterey and Paso Robles. San Simeon wines are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in bold, expressive varietals that reflect the unique climate and soils of the region.

Bodega de San Antonio

This line offers traditional wines with a nod to the winery's heritage, including sweet and fortified wines that have been a part of the winery's repertoire for decades.

WINEMAKING TEAM - Anthony Riboli and Marty Spate

The Winemaker

The success and continuity of San Antonio Winery and Riboli Family Wines can be attributed to the Riboli family who have been at the helm for four generations. Today, winemaking is overseen by Anthony Riboli, a fourth-generation family member and head winemaker with a deep-rooted passion for viticulture and enology. Anthony, who holds a master's degree in Viticulture from the University of California, Davis, brings a blend of traditional techniques and modern innovation to the winery.

Under Anthony’s guidance, Riboli Family Wines, and by extension San Antonio Winery has embraced sustainable farming practices and advanced winemaking technologies, ensuring that each bottle reflects the highest quality standards. His commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous care taken in both vineyard management and the winemaking process. By focusing on small-lot productions and experimenting with new varietals and blends, Anthony continues to push the boundaries of what Riboli Family Wines can achieve while honoring the legacy of his forebears.

A Perfect Day Trip to San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles

Entrance to the winery

Morning: Arrival and Tour

Begin your day trip to San Antonio Winery Los Angeles by arriving in the late morning, giving you ample time to explore and savor all that this historic winery has to offer. Nestled just minutes from downtown Los Angeles, San Antonio Winery provides an urban oasis that feels worlds away from the bustling city.

Start your visit with a guided winery tour, which typically begins around 11 AM. The tour offers a fascinating glimpse into the winemaking process, from ground to glass. You will learn about the winery's history, established in 1917, and its resilience through Prohibition by producing sacramental wines. The tour includes a walk through the production area, where you can see the large stainless-steel tanks and oak barrels used for aging the wines. Knowledgeable guides share the intricacies of fermentation, blending, and aging, offering an educational and engaging wine-tasting experience throughout.

Late Morning: Wine Tasting

After the tour, head to the tasting room to sample some of San Antonio Winery’s acclaimed wines on their newly finished patio. The tasting flight often includes a selection of their popular wines, such as: Stella Rosa, Maddalena and San Simeon wines.

The tasting experience is guided by knowledgeable staff who can help you refine your palate and discover new favorites. For those who prefer a customized experience, the winery offers a menu of personalized tasting options, allowing you to choose wines that pique your interest.

Dinning area Maddalena Restaurant

Noon: Lunch at Maddalena Restaurant or the 1917 Bistro

By now, you will have likely worked up an appetite. Fortunately, the on-site Maddalena Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience. Named after Maddalena Riboli, a key figure in the winery’s history, the restaurant serves a delicious array of Italian-inspired dishes.

Start with an appetizer like the bruschetta or the antipasto platter, featuring an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, and marinated vegetables. For the main course, consider their signature dishes such as the lasagna, made with layers of rich Bolognese sauce, or the grilled salmon, served with seasonal vegetables and a light lemon sauce. Pair your meal with a glass of one of the winery’s exquisite wines for a complete dining experience.

The 1917 Bistro

You can also enjoy a more modern take on traditional Italian dishes at The 1917 Bistro, named after the year the winery open. This outdoor dining and wine-tasting addition welcomes guests to experience our historical winery location in a whole new way.

Try a modern take on dishes like Burrata Classica, Margherita Pizza, or Short Ribs. Every dish is curated with tradition and innovation in mind.

Afternoon: Explore and Relax

San Antonio Winery - early 1900's

After lunch, take some time to explore the winery’s charming historical buildings. You can visit the wine and gift shop, to pick up a few bottles of your favorite wines to take home, along with unique wine-related gifts and souvenirs.

San Antonio winery

San Antonio Winery hosts special events and classes for those interested in deepening their wine knowledge. Check their calendar for opportunities to participate in wine and food pairings, blending workshops, or seasonal celebrations.

Late Afternoon: Additional Tasting and Departure

Before you head home, consider indulging in one last tasting session. You might opt for wine-based cocktails or a dessert wine flight to end your visit on a sweet note. Try the Bodega de San Antonio Sangria, a fruity and refreshing choice, or the San Antonio Cardinale, a sweet red wine that pairs beautifully with chocolate or cheese.

As your day at San Antonio Winery Los Angeles ends, take a moment to reflect on the rich history, exceptional wines, and warm hospitality that make this winery a true gem in Los Angeles. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a casual wine enthusiast yourself, a day trip to San Antonio Winery offers a memorable experience filled with delightful flavors and enriching experiences.



While walk-ins are welcome, it is a good idea to make reservations for tour groups and large group tastings, especially on weekends and holidays.


Consider using a ride-share service or designated driver if you plan to indulge in the wine tasting. If you plan to drive, they do provide a large parking lot, free of charge (which is hard to find in downtown Los Angeles)

Dress Code

Casual attire is appropriate but consider comfortable shoes for walking during the tour.


Check the winery’s website for current hours of operation private events and event schedules.

Discovering the San Antonio Winery Tasting Room in Ontario, California

In Ontario, California, the San Antonio Winery Tasting Room offers an inviting gateway. As part of the storied San Antonio Winery, which has been crafting exceptional wines since 1917, this tasting room is more than just a place to sample fine wines—it's an experience steeped in history, quality, and a genuine passion for the art of winemaking.

Wine Selection

The tasting room features an impressive selection of wines, ranging from robust reds and crisp whites to sweet and sparkling varieties. Visitors can enjoy tasting flights that highlight the diversity of the winery's portfolio. Notable wines include the opulent Cabernet Sauvignon, the delicate and aromatic Chardonnay, and the immensely popular Stella Rosa series, known for its refreshing sweetness and effervescence.

Visit the San Antonio Winery Tasting Room and Gift Shop

Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to Ontario, the San Antonio Winery Tasting Room offers an enriching experience that celebrates the best of Southern Californian winemaking. With its welcoming atmosphere, exceptional wines, and a host of engaging educational opportunities, a visit to the tasting room is a journey through a rich tradition of excellence and innovation.

Wine and cheese platter


San Antonio Winery is more than just a producer of fine wines; it is a living piece of Los Angeles history. From its humble beginnings in 1917 to its status as a leading winery in California, it has remained true to its roots while continuously evolving. The winery’s extensive portfolio, crafted by the skilled hands of the Riboli family, offers something for everyone, making it a cherished destination for wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Whether you are drawn by its storied past, its commitment to quality, or its innovative spirit, a visit to San Antonio Winery promises a delightful journey through the art of winemaking. I have been invited to visit the San Antonio Winery located in Paso Robles. I look forward to sharing my visit with you

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