Kings River WInery 2015 Chenin Blanc

Kings River WInery 2015 Chenin Blanc

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Kings River 2015 Chenin Blanc
During the 1960’s and 70’s here in California Chenin Blanc was a popular wine. If a wine glass contained California Chenin Blanc in the 1970s or ’80s, the chances were high that it was poured either from a jug of nondescript blended wine or a bottle of semisweet, inexpensive single-varietal Chenin from a North Coast producer. Chenin Blanc was one of California’s first popular white grapes, planted throughout much of the 20th century. It became popular in bulk blending juice, which was labeled as California Champagne or Chablis resulting in an inexpensive, palate-friendly single-varietal wine with residual sugar. Both versions were typically lackluster, with some exceptions. Once found in cheap blends, the grape is gaining popularity among boutique producers. Some 50 years later there only a handful of wineries in California make this wonderful crisp and delightful wine that originates from the Chenin Blanc grape. Over the past decade, artisanal winemakers have launched a new California wave of limited-production Chenin Blanc wines from the Central Valley, Sierra Foothills, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, and are striving to change the reputation of California Chenin Blanc for good. Kings River Winery in Sanger California produces a genuinely nice bottle that we will review here in California Corks’ “Zip Sips”


Chenin Blanc Acidity and Adaptability

Chenin Blanc is a perfect choice for a summer afternoon on the patio. The grape produces a wine that delightfully matches with light foods. Consider light cheese, sandwiches with light meats, salads, and white fish. The wine exhibits many floral flavors as your nose detects honey, melon, peach and perhaps a hint of grass or hay. The wine this grape produce is a very crispy due to the acid level of the wine.

So, what does Chenin Blanc taste like? The exact aromas vary depending on style but its most distinguishing characteristic is its high acidity. Chenin Blanc can be bone dry, semi-sweet, or even effervescent all depending on how the wine is made. It also displays a range of sweet fruits such as pear, yellow apple, quince, passion fruit. More delicate aromas can include ginger, honey and white flowers such as chamomile, jasmine and citrus blossom. Time in oak can impart flavors such as nutty marzipan, buttered popcorn, and apple pie.

Serving Kings River 2015 Chenin Blanc
I like to drink this wine chilled down at least overnight, good, and cold, right out of the refrigerator and then allow it to warm up in glass as I am enjoy taking small sips of it. If you savor this wine in your glass, not hurrying to swallow it all you will detect that the flavors change with the temperature of the winFood match
This wine can really stand up with so many different dishes. Why not consider paring this Kings River Winery Chenin Blanc with homemade poke bowls, assorted pasta dishes, and appetizer plates.

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