Paso Robles Wines - Maréchal Vineyards 2017 Primitivo

Paso Robles Wines - Maréchal Vineyards 2017 Primitivo

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Paso Robles Wines are really getting noticed by winelovers. Bold Cabernet Sauvignon, layered Primitivos are some of the delightful wines you will discover there.  Maréchal Vineyards Primitivo is an Italian variety with roots in Croatia, and it bears the same DNA association with Zinfandel. Like Zinfandel, Primitivo is perfectly adapted to the growing conditions of Paso Robles. However, it is the naturally favors and elegance over heaviness—a quality that inspires Josh Marshall Winemaker, to make his Maréchal Vineyards Primitivo. The Primitivo fruit is hand-picked at peak maturity while carefully avoiding any over-ripe qualities. The winemaking approach borrows from European tradition, favoring evenness over aggressiveness in matters such as oak influence and tannin profile. 


Maréchal Vineyards Primitivo is distinguished by it-weight tannins and balanced acidity offer a long, round finish.

What's the difference between Primitivo and Zinfandel?

While Primitivo and Zinfandel are genetically similar, they are quite different grapes and produce distinctive wines. Talking with winemakers that grow and produces both wines, and others we learned how they are totally different clusters of fruit and different berries too.

What is the difference?

The Zin cluster is huge and can weigh over a pound. The berries are larger, say the size of a thumbnail, so you get lots of juice off the Zinfandel. Primitivo cluster are about half the size and the berries are the size of a pinky fingernail. There’s a lot less juice. The result is a lot more extraction of tannins from seeds and skins. You can taste the difference in the wines. They are quite different. While there are plenty of Zinfandels with depth and structure as a rule Zin is usually much more fruit forward, while the Primitivo is more structure and backbone. You will find that Primitivo to be a bigger style wine. 

Food Pairing:
Spicy cinnamon and oak aromas mingle well with ripe strawberry and boysenberry flavors. Hints of almond, and pomegranate linger in the finish. This Primitivo would pair nicely with hearty beef stew, jambalaya, or rack of smoked ribs. Maréchal Vineyards Primitivo has a deep crimson color and medium bodied with notes of dark ripe plum, boysenberry, chocolate covered berries, spices, and sweet vanilla tones. Polished tannins and nice acidity add to a delightfully long and lengthy finish. Perfect to pair with anything off the grill or smoker.

Maréchal Vineyards Primitivo is ready to drink now, enjoy through 2025. 

Maréchal Vineyards was featured in a short wine video we produced of several wineries in California’s Central you can take a peek HERE

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