Black Stallion Winery

Located on a picturesque stretch of the Silverado Trail, the Black Stallion estate recalls the rustic charm of early California. The estate property is framed by century-old olive trees and landscaped with natural grasses and Mediterranean plants. The winery grounds are surrounded by estate vineyards, planted with three different clones of cabernet sauvignon as well as malbec to support our signature red wines and flagship blend. A spectacular sculpture of a black stallion in motion is positioned at the entrance to the winery.

Broc Cellars

At the tasting event, we got to try different whites and red wine varieties. Oddly, all the red wines tasted too young. The best wine was the white vine star blend wine. The flavors just juiced out. I was disappointed with this years vine star red release, having tasted the year prior. The best red wine that was poured was the carignin wine. Though to me, still a little immature, the flavor would be dead on.

Adastra Wines

Painting, women enjoying wine

Adastra Winery is organic with a great history, and Chris is happy to walk you through it. He'll introduce you to the property -- which he and his wife live off of -- and the business as well. The property is wonderful, and you can tell a lot of love has built the place up. He'll share with you the old barn and his herb garden. You'll become familiar with the origins of the name and finally, with the wines themselves while sitting around his dining room table. The reds are excellent, absolutely top-notch. On our trip, my wife and I only joined two wine clubs, and Adastra Winery is one of them. The tasting and tour can be expensive, $25 per person but that fee is waived if you join the wine club. Honestly, even if you don't join the club, it's worth the fee for the experience.~ Artwork by Wine Artist Agata Zaborowski – Agata Art Gallery 

Kate's Vineyard

Kate's Vineyard is a winery located in Napa, California. The winery is owned by Bill, Sally & Kate Bryant. The wine at Kate's Vineyard is produced by Tim Milos.

The Wine
Kate's Vineyard produces the following wine varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Mourvèdre, Rosé and Syrah/Shiraz.

Visiting the Winery
Kate's Vineyard has the following amenities you can enjoy: Barrel Room and Retail Sales.

Galleo E&J Winery

Since brothers Ernest and Julio Gallo began to turn their dream into reality over 75 years ago, the roots of the Gallo family tree have extended deep into the Winery. Today their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren work in the Winery, carrying on the family tradition and values

Golden Mountain Winery & Lodge

Fitzpatrick Winery and Lodge is located in the Fair Play AVA (American Viticultural Area) at the heart of the California's Gold Country, in the beautiful and idyllic Sierra Foothills of El Dorado county, nearby historic Placerville. We feature fine hand crafted wines made from organically grown premium wine grapes and a unique Irish Bed & Breakfast. 37 years in Fair Play. Fitzpatrick Winery & Lodge became Fair Play's first winery in 1980.

Glenlyon Vineyards & Winery

In 1986, Squire and Suzy Fridell packed up their three-year old daughter and all their worldly goods to trade the freeways and the sand of Southern California for the back roads and fertile soil of Sonoma Valley. They purchased twenty-six acres of raw land, just north of the Village of Glen Ellen. The gentle rolling hills were covered with poison oak, oak trees, manzanita trees, madrone trees, bay trees, and a few redwoods. Glenlyon Vineyards & Winery does not have tours or tasting at GlenLyon.

wyatt Oaks Winery

With over 25 years of experience as an arborist, Gavin McClain and wife Stacy started Wyatt Oaks Winery in 2009, naming their enterprise after their first son. Since then, both their family and vintages have expanded, so that the wine collection now features both Aubrie's Reserve and Weston's Estate. In addition to growing their own grapes, Gavin's expertise also allows them to purchase the high-quality grapes other local vintners have brought to fruition, producing a greater variety within their collection.

Temecula Hills Winery

Don't overlook this small store and location. This is a great spot to go with friends for a FREE Olive oil tasting. The owner is passionate about his wines and olive oil and will take the time to talk about his passion. When you first walk in you will see a typical wine tasting area (with a wine tasting fee). Bypass that area and go toward the back right corner by the restroom. Here the owner will offer you a free olive oil and vinegar tasting using small pieces of dipping bread! These specialty oil and vinegars are reasonably priced and make great gifts. Then head back to the tasting bar.

Laujor Estate Winery

Stroll through the vines of Laujor Estate Winery.  Your walk to the tuscan style tasting room where often you will be greeted by the winemaker. Enjoy with your friends and family or make new friends as you relax and sip our award winning wines in our courtyard. The views here are breathtaking! 
Hours: Daily | 11 am - 5 pm


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