Eno Wines

Eno Wines is a boutique winery producing small batches of Pinot Noir, old vine Zinfandel, Grenache, and Syrah from world class and undiscovered vineyards. Eno Wines award-winning labels and evocative names express the unique qualities of each wine. Enjoy!

Nalle Winery

icest folks, best wine.. however if you like fruit or oak bombs or over ripe alcohol bombs this is not for you. These wines are for the lover of a more classical earlier picked style of wine like; the Cali wines from say 25 years ago. If you love old school european wines, these are the wines for you.
Doug is wonderful as well as the whole crew.
Open every Saturday 12pm-5pm. By appointment all other days.

Kunin Wines

Currently, Kunin Wines makes wines from five different grape varietals: viognier, zinfandel, syrah, grenache and mourvedre. Each varietal requires particular soil and climatic conditions to produce fruit that is of the superior quality that we demand. Therefore, we source our grapes from various vineyards, located throughout the region, to take advantage of the varying conditions and terrain and that each varietal is grown in its optimal environment.

TKC Vineyards

The tasting room that I like to visit. There is nothing touristy about it - it is simple and understated. And the wine? So good! A great little find. A campy tasting room that includes the aroma of wine laden wooden barrels ended up with some of the most aged wines.

Michael Pozzan Winery

Michael Pozzan Winery is owned and operated by Michael and Mary Ann Pozzan, both natives of California. Michael was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but spent his summer months with his grandparents on their 35 acre vineyard estate in Sonoma County. Michael's grandfather purchased the land after WWII and planted Zinfandel grapes, which he sold to local wineries. He always made sure that he retained a portion of the grapes to make his own wine. With roots extending to Piedmont, Italy, Michael's family has been in the wine business since the mid 1800s, and still owns the original property that Michael's great grandfather planted over100 years ago.

B. R. Cohn Winery

Artwork by Wine Artist Agata Zaborowski – Agata Art Gallery  Gallery | Agata Art Gallery

When we visited they had a vintage car display as well as lots of vendors selling their goods and offering food samples. The tasting room is quite large, and while there were lots of groups there, we did not have to wait too long for the tasting. They also have a separate olive oil and balsamic tasting room. B.R. Cohn is a large winery with retail distribution and they make wines using grapes not only from their local estate, but mostly from all over wine country.

Artwork by Wine Artist Agata Zaborowski – Agata Art Gallery  - Gallery | Agata Art Gallery

Rued Vineyards & Winery

The tasting room host was very sweet and hospitable. All of the wines were good and VERY reasonably priced, but the one wine that stood out the most to me was the late harvest sauvignon blanc. Late harvest sauv blanc is not an easy wine to come by, giving Rued brownie points in my book! It's a lusciously sweet wine that's reminiscent of ripe yellow peaches and honey.

Milliaire Winery

The girl that poured for us was the single most welcoming and knowledgeable tasting room employee we dealt with that day. She was interested in what we were looking for but gently encouraged us to try some other wines they had available without being pushy.Most of all when you walk out of the winery you come away with such a great experience.


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