Barlow Vineyards

Wow! What a great place to come across. I have been coming up to Napa for the past few years now and I have tasted alot of good wine but Barlow wines might be some of the best wines I have tasted in Napa Valley and not many people know about it!

It's a family owned business with a father (Warren) and his son (Barr) who run the tastings at Warren's house on the Silverado trail. They only do two tasting appointments a day, so try and get an appointment ahead of time. There wines are fantastic! They do a Merlot, Zin, Sauvignon Blanc, Curvee blend and Cabernet Sauvignon. My favorite was the Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. They only make around 1,000 cases in total production a year and approaching their goal of 2,000 case a year!

Rodney Strong Vineyards

We had a great time here. We stepped in here while waiting for another winery to open. The very first thing we noticed when we opened the door was the intoxicating scent of wine. We were able to take a self-guides tour around and realized the large barrels were right in the open, which was why the facility had that lovely sweet wine smell. Tour was timed perfectly, not too long, but not too short, and we had a super nice tour guide. Wine tasting after the tour was extra fun.

Volcan Mountain Winery

Volcan Mountain Winery is nestled at the base of the picturesque Volcan Mountain. Our tasting room, winery, vineyard and orchard area only a mere 2 mile scenic drive from the historic town center of Julian, which began it’s roots in the 1870’s gold rush. Get away from the hectic rush of city life…discover the charms of Julian.

Maple Creek Winery

Maple Creek Winery, Ranch and Vineyards is the dream of Vintner's Tom Rodrigues and Linda Stutz. Tom and Linda work to combine their passions of Art and Wine. Maple Creek Ranch boasts 180 acres, 7 springs, natural gardens and fruit orchards. We have edible mushrooms and wild boar and wildlife and an abundance of fresh food and water on this land. Creek Winery is "off the beaten path" situated 1/2 mile up a paved road. It is a beautiful drive past the vineyards and into the hills of Southern Mendocino. The tasting room is open daily from 10:30-5, although during the winter, the hours may be shortened. It is possible that if you arrive in the winter months, you may see a "honk for wine" sign. If that's the case, Tom or Linda will arrive shortly to open for your private tasting.

Vicarmont Vineyards & Winery

The people couldn't have been nicer, the wine was great, and the place is nice. What more could you ask for? I especially liked the rose, the cab, and the zin. The people here are most definitely dog lovers. Nice little place with lots of charm. Everything you would expect from a small Lodi winery.

Summitt Lake Vineyard & Winery

The views, 1800 era house, warm extended family conducting the tastings, the farm animals welcoming visitors, the fabulous zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon.... sitting in a hammock, with a glass of excellent wine, peacefully taking in the view, serenity, and ambiance of Howell Mountain... what more could you ask for?

Roudon Smith

The Roudons conceived the original dream as a radical lifestyle change, when they moved to the Bay Area in the early 1970's. Roudon met engineer Jim Smith in the early days of the growing computer industry while working together at Silicon Valley's Amdahl and began sharing his plans for a small winery to be established in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains. Dreams soon led to action. As the Roudon Smith reputation grew, the two couples eventually took the leap, quit jobs, moved fortunes and families to the Santa Cruz Mountains and never looked back. Today, Al Drewke has taken over ownership of the continuing Roudon Smith saga, continuing to focus on creating well balanced and structured wines that will integrate well with food and develop slowly in bottle.~

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Rutherford Grove Winery

The winery is beautiful and is a wonderful place to go on a nice day to enjoy the scenery, its history, and to bring family. Though not a large, famous winery compared to its 'Rutherford' cousin, it produces some splendid wines which make the trip well worth it by themselves. However, the experience would only be excellent if it were rounded out by commensurately skilled and friendly staff. A standout here was Bonnie, who, despite seemingly overwhelmingly large numbers of clients to serve, managed to serve them all--as far as I could tell-- with warmth and friendliness, a big smile, and an incredible amount of enological knowledge--both about this winery, but about wines in general. She seemed excited to share this information, and her joy in wines, and not just be a server.

Carol Shelton Wines

The only wine of Carol's we have enjoyed is her Wild Thing Zin. “Wild Thing” is named for its attitude and uninoculated or “wild” yeast ferment is used to create it. Black raspberry fruit, vibrant and alive in both the nose and mouth, nice oaky-smokiness, hit of black pepper. Smoothly textured in mouth, the finish is long and lushly jammy fruit—dangerously good! Looking forward to visiting and trying her other wines soon.

D'Argenzio Winery

Ray is the owner and winemaker, has been in this location for 16 years.
He sources fruit from a variety of places, and has some varietals (wine types) he always makes, and also mixes it up sometime. Besides the 4 varietals usually pouring the current for sale list will have chardonnay, several pinots, gewurztraminer, zin, and more. Total case production for D'Argenzio is only 3k cases a year.


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