Monterey Wines - De Tierra Vineyards – 2019 Russel Vineyard Rosé

Monterey Wines - De Tierra Vineyards – 2019 Russel Vineyard Rosé

Tue, 08/25/2020 - 07:09 -- johnk

Monterey Wines are some very enjoyable wines along California's Central Coast. Today we take a look, and taste of De Tierra Vineyards – 2019 Russel Vineyard Rosé

First, What Is Rosé?
Rosé is a dry wine that is bright and refreshing wine that is different from a red glass of wine and sharing some traits with some dry white wines. Rosé has become more popular in the United States over the past few years. Recently in California with so much heat during the warm months of the year many are opting for something cooler for their glass. Rosé also happens to be the perfect wine for sipping in the park or at a backyard barbecue as well as sit down dinners with friend with a variety of foods. Suffice it to say, rosé has become incredibly popular, still so many of us don’t know how rosé is made or where some of the most consistent rosés comes from. Have you heard of White Zinfandel? White Zinfandel is indeed a rosé wine, made in the rosé style, it just happens to be an incredibly sweet rosé.

Many people are aware that white grapes become white wine, and red grapes that become red wine. However, look as you may, pink grapes don’t exist. That doesn’t seem to stop winemakers from creating a style of wine that always has such a beautiful salmon or pink color. How do they do it? The answer here is skin contact. When all grapes, no matter their color, are juiced, the juice that runs out of the fruit is clear with the exception of a few red fleshed grapes. As a result, most wines appear with a golden look in the glass, or pink or red. The wines acquire their color receive not from the juice, rather from the contact with the grape skins. As the skins and the juice soak together the color drawn into the juice, giving the wine its color. The winemakers create a rosé by juicing red grapes and then allowing the juice to soak, with the skins for a short period, often two or three days. Once the juice begins to take on the beautiful pink color the winemaker is wanting to obtain, the skins are removed, and the juice is the allowed to ferment. The result is a delicious rosé soon to be in the glass and enjoyed. 

What Should a Rosé Look and Taste Like?
A rosé’s color does not directly correlate with its taste. Darker appearing rosés may have more body than lighter colored rosés, that could be views as more appealing to those who may prefer red wines.  Still, it may surprise you that often a paler blush wines have surprisingly complex aromas and flavors that can linger long after you’ve taken a sip.” In both styles, sweetness varies. Some bottles are bone-dry, while others have a slightly sweet finish.

What Type of Foods to Pair Your Rosé With?
Rosés are some of the easiest wines you can pour and enjoy with a large variety of meals and even simple snacks. If you haven’t tried a rosé yet what can you expect to enjoy with your newly discovered wine?  The bright acidity and absence of are a big factor to consider is whether the wine is sweet or not. Dry rosés often work best with lighter dishes such as fish, grilled chicken, charcuterie, and salads. A sweeter rosé work well with a wider range of foods. For example, the sweetness helps to put out the fire in spicy food, reduces the saltiness in foods that tend to be saltier, and are wonderful when paired with barbecue. Rosés don’t go as well with desserts. 

De Tierra Vineyards – Russel Vineyard Rosé  
Let’s return to our featured wine. What can we say about De Tierra Vineyards Rosé? You may have experienced several Rosés that were produced with Grenache or Cabernet Sauvignon or even another red wine grape. The Russel Vineyard was produced with Merlot wine grapes. The results: In the glass you begin to detect fresh bright notes of ruby red grapefruit, white peach, citrus zest, and hints of watermelon. Once you pass your experience of this rosé and what you detect with your nose and move on past your lips you begin to experience hints of rose petal, melon rind, pomegranate with just a kiss of strawberry toward the finish. This Russel Vineyard Rosé is a true expression of a delightfully dry French rosé wine along with the California Central Coast experience, all combined in your glass.

It was a pleasure to spend time with Alix Lynn Bosch and Dan McDonnal, owners of De Tierra Vineyards. Alix and Dan spent about 2 hours with me discussing their wines and their love for their tasting room in CarmeVillage. They gave me pretty much free reign on which wines to tasted and made some excellent recommendations as well. I was pleased with their wines and the 2019 Russel Vineyard Rosé just happens to be one of three that I decide to bring home, spend a little more time with, make some notes and do this video revew on "Zip Sips" 

California Wildfires -  At the time of this post and video being produced many a winery are concerned about harvest and the grapes for this year's vintage. Some may likely have to raise from the ashes with the multiple fires in the state of California is experiencing at present. I certainly hope that everyone that has had to evacuate, close their business, leave their homes behind first, to be careful and to be safe. I experienced some of the smoke driving to Carmel on August 18th and visiting with Alix and Dan. I sent them a little thank you note which Alix answered, only to learn from her that the very next morning they had to close their tasting room. Watching the news and other winery owners reports in Carmel Village and the Carmel Valley and the wine-growing area as a whole is shocking. Our thoughts are with the firefighters battling at the fire lines in more places throughout the state that imaginable before now. Looking forward to the day that everyone that has suffered loss and set-back can raise up out of the ashes. I invite each winery to contact us with an updates and efforts to regroup so that we can share with others and perhaps help in letting wine-lovers know of your efforts. John Krause, California Corks - email me at

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Discount on wines from De Tierra Vineyards - While we have put the California Corks Winery Experience on hold until some time after the first of the year (2021), I was just in touch with Alix and Dan at the winery and they are offering a 25% discount on bottles purchased. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, De Tierra Vineyards for the time being is offering curbside pickup available on Saturday & Sunday from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 pm. However, I would like to make this discount available to our readers. To do so please sign-up for our email list, provide you name, email, and mobile phone number and I will send you the discount code for free. This pandemic has had a huge impact on us wine-lovers and wineries alike and De Tierra's owners Alix and Dan's offer provides an opportunity to enjoy some very nice wines and some nice savings too.  Just go back to our HOME page so you can provide your information so we can send you your discount code. Email us for you discount code

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