Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Lenora Winery

Lenora Winery made its debut in the wine world in 1999 with its first vintage carefully harvested from its own 5 acre vineyard. Ramona's climate is ideal for growing winegrapes. Lenora Winery's vineyard contains eight varietals and is blessed with daily gentle breezes which keep vines healthy and fruitful. Clear skies, warm days and cool nights work magic on the grapes as they grow to harvest.

Flying Horse Wines

he Smeding family has a four generation history of working in agriculture in the Napa Valley. It all started in the 1920’s when Lettie’s Scandinavian grandparents Ivar and Saima Asplund came to the Napa Valley, purchased land, and began farming. The Smeding family has long had a love of horses. They all ride Quarter Horses and Arabians on trail and when working their cattle.
Current vintages can be tasted and purchased at Napa Wine Company. The Tasting Room At Napa Wine Company Hours: 10:00am to 4:30pm, 7 days a week No appointment necessary; Ideally located in the center of Napa Valley, just across the street from the infamous Oakville Grocery, The Tasting Room at Napa Wine Company invites you to stop in for a unique wine tasting experience.

Stonehouse Cellars

We are dedicated to small, carefully cultivated, and perfected batches of wine that bring out the flavors of our grapes and the soil in which it was grown. However, where Stonehouse Cellars truly stands out amongst other high-end estate wineries is that we strive to provide a unique experience not necessarily centered around our wines but around you, our friends. Clearlake Oaks Tasting Room.
Hours: Daily | 1 pm - 5 pm | Same-day appointments available

Bob Dog Winery

Just when you think that your car won't make it to the top of the mountain you are there. Tim and Candy (and Cabbie, the dog) are excellent hosts and make some beautiful wine. but the scenery is what tops it all--you are literally on top of the mountain.
Plan on spending 1.5 hours on a tasting...don't rush, just relax and you will have a great time.

Liparita Cellars

One of the best cult wineries in Napa, and by far from a price to quality ratio, no one compares. Only a three person operation making some of the best wine in Napa. Liparita was one of Napa Valley’s most decorated of the ghost wineries, with a rich heritage dating back over a century. These infamous wineries of the bygone era were the pioneers of the great Napa wines of today.

Twenty Bench

The Nine North Wine Company is a unique portfolio of small handcrafted wines from Napa Valley as well as California's North Coast appellation that specialize in offering exceptional quality, worth and value. The portfolio can usually be found in fine wine shops and restaurants around the country. Twenty Bench Cabinet is one of the wines in The Nine North Wine Company portfolio.

Nichelini Winery

A visit to the Nichelini Family Winery offers an experience of the Napa Valley the way it used to be: serene, rustic, and independent. Get away from the crowds and travel the 8 miles up into the hills east of the Silverado Trail, past Lake Hennessy and through the scenic cliffs of Sage Canyon Road.

It's a small production, historic, pre-prohibition family winery. One is welcomed in almost immediately as family and greeted with a line of fine, well crafted wines that reflect the care and thought that went in to their creation. Winemaker Amy is passionate about her job and the staff are genuinely happy to play host to visitors
Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm, or Monday through Thursday by appointment.

Magnanimus Wines

Producers of the 1st Green Portfolio of Wines from sustainably farmed, certified organic and Biodynamic vineyards. Labels include: Ukiah Cellars, Old River Vintners, Talmage Collection, & Mendocino Farms.

Dutch Henry Winery

Dutch Henry produces some great red wines. Dutch Henry was first recommended to me by an employee at another (very popular) winery. Dutch Henry produces some special edition terrier bottles of wine. Not only is the wine incredible, the artwork on the label is worthy of being saved on the wine rack. There are the cutest terriers at the winery who will great you upon your arrival.
Dutch Henry also sells wine under the name Chafen. Tastings here are $20, but I think it's well worth it if you are interested in trying great wine.


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