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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Charles Krug

Krug is an incredible piece of Napa history but the wines don't take second seat to this fact. Their tasting room is relaxed, low-key and not overdone. They don't need to distract you from their great wines and great staff. Angie is awesome, friendly and knowledgeable.

Edna Valley Vineyard

Delicious! I really enjoyed the tasting and found that there wasn't a "bad grape in the bunch"! Also the staff was awesome. The woman that we worked with was exceptional; personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and dare I say- passionate about the vino.

Also, they have a really neat little demonstration vineyard outside the tasting room where guests are invited to take a self-guided tour to see different varieties of grapes growing on different trellis styles. It was early spring when we were here- and I hope to return when the grape get bigger and when I can see the variation between them better as they are bearing fruit.

Philo Ridge VIneyards

Philo Ridge Vineyards, located in the beautiful hills of the Anderson Valley, produces small handcrafted lots of complex, palate-pleasing wines. Their vineyards are farmed using sustainable methods and the winery is 100% wind and solar-powered.
Philo Ridge VIneyards is a small family owned winery that specializes in small handcrafted lots of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Zin, Syrah and Cab. We are 5.33 miles up an all weather road and 100% solar and wind powered. We are open on weekends for tasting by appointment. Closed Tues., Weds. and Thurs.

Vision Cellars

The best part of this whole experience was just sitting around this table with lovers of the industry, chatting under that shaded oak tree on a cool Sonoma morning. The owner and wine maker, Mac has an amazing story and he tells it well. Growing up in Texas, he was the son of a moonshine maker. After tasting his first bottle of fine Italian wine at the age of 12, he vowed to become a wine maker. And that's exactly what he did. He became a great one. After 1.5 hours of driving, we arrive at Vision Cellars. Down this winding road we go. Small country road where large parts had eroded. We turn into a driveway through a farm gate and park in front of a barn. To the left is a house. To the right is another barn and a newer living quarters. Behind all of that are rows of vines. Um, where's the paved road leading to the fountain in front of a lavish tasting room? Not here. No sir. Great wine with a vintner who has history to share. Vision Cellars is a boutique winery featuring Pinot Noir. Know that as you enjoy your first, it won't be your last glass of Vision Cellars wine. Sipping with Mac, is where it's at!

Cima Collina

Nothing was extremely stand out here, and the room is very small. However, I was intrigued by the Howlin' Good Red and the donation they give to Monterrey County SPCA, so we stopped by and gave it a whirl. Caught them right before closing and had a nice tasting session. It is a pick and choose list if I remember correctly, and the ones I picked were very good but maybe priced a little too high. The Howlin' Good Red was a very good, upper middle of the road red blend, that I enjoyed enough to get a bottle.

Artesa Vineyards & Winery

he winery sits ontop of a hill, right at the napa/sonoma carneros region border. The building, architecture, and scenery are simply breathetaking. If you arive early enough in the morning, you can take a tour, where they walk you around the production facility downstairs. The wines are pretty pricey, but they are pretty darn good. A lot of the wines are estate grown pinots and chards, but they do source some amazing Cabs from upper valley. They are a very busy winery, but they are very attentive to each customer.

Nicholson Ranch Winery

Take a tour here. It is only $15 for a group tour or $20 for a private one. This also includes 5 wines to as you go along the tour! Such a great value. Our tour guide was Robert and he did an excellent job. He had a lot of interesting information to share and answered any and all questions we had.

Boeger Winery

he rich history of California agriculture and winemaking is evident everywhere. The winery, especially the historic structures on the property, represents a snapshot of time and place, and evokes a strong feeling of connection to the past. The high integrity level of the structures and surrounding vineyards encapsulates visitors into a time and place that was so very different from present day. Boeger Winery has a complimentary and reserve wine tasting daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Boeger Winery is only 45 minutes east of Sacramento.

Brewer Clifton

While winemakers at Brewer – Clinton are grounded in traditional ideals found in Europe, Steve and Greg do not feel the necessity to be fettered by them. Instead they both make great effort to be certain that the wines that they produce truly are representative of the Sta. Rita Hills. Brewer and Clinton do not strive to emulate any other producer or any other region as they follow their own pursuit. This winemaking duo has espoused themselves to the appellation and will continue to do everything to display and celebrate it in as honest and impactful manner possible – in their wines.


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