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Black Hand Cellars

Black Hand Cellars

Black Hand Cellars tasting room

We have enjoyed visiting Black Hand Cellars tasting room on several occasions and while communicating with Tom Banish the owner and winemaker we have yet to actual talk face to face.  The name Black Hand Cellars, evolved through many stories of the owners great Grandmother on the banished-side of the family would tell about the great wines her husband would make and how the Black Hand Mafia found a liking to his wine and would seek him out for it. With such an intriguing history the name for the winery was chosen and the roaring 20's theme set in motion along with hands stained from the harvest of their rich red wine varietals. Tom and his wife have done a great job with their wines and make it a fun experience all at the same time. Tom and his wife are very much into the entire experience and they have been known to stay a little longer even while closing to share the fruits of their labor and the Black Hand Cellar experience.~


Mon-Sun - 12:00pm to 5:00pm

  • Open No-Appointment