Lodi Wineries: The Ultimate Guide

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The Lodi Visitor Center


Lodi Wineries: The Ultimate Guide. The Lodi AVA, is part of the larger Central Valley wine region of California. You will find that this little town has a big heart when it comes to wine grapes, wines, and much more. Lodi Wine Country is found directly east of San Francisco Bay and between the cities of Sacramento and Stockton. The west of the region of Lodi lies close to the edge of the Sacramento-San Joaquin counties.

Easy Access

It’s simple to get to Lodi Wine Country from just about anywhere in California. Whether you hop on the train from Oakland or Sacramento, drive or book a flight, you will find your way to this Central Valley oasis in no time at all. 

Why growing in recognition by wine lovers Lodi is still one of the best-kept secrets in Northern California. This little town is HUGE on Wine, Eats, and rolling out the welcome mat to visitors. My goal is to help those of you who have not visited Lodi to learn why you should have it on your to-do list for one of your upcoming weekend destinations.

Lodi being near the Delta has an excellent impact on wine grape growing and on the wines that are being produced in Lodi. Turns out grapes also really grow well in Lodi Wine Country. As a result, Lodi has become one of the hotspots for wine lovers living in California and guests to the Golden State as well.

How to Hold a Wine Glass

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When I first started to drink wine, I tried to do it the as I had seen people in the movies or on television. You know with hand clasped around the glass’s bowl. Perhaps the television and movie screens aren’t the best resource for learning the ropes. Because yes, there is a proper way to hold a wine glass—and it matters. So, let us fine-tune our skills, and enhance our wine experience. Here is everything you need to know to hold your next glass of wine like a pro.

How You Hold a Wine Glass - Does it Really Matter?

There are so many different wine glasses to choose from. Decorative, elegant, and so many different types to select from in size, shape, and of course price.

Did you know that there is a wine glass for just about every kind of wine?

Some basic wine glasses are for full-bodied red wine, light-bodied red wine, Rose or a spicy red wine, sparkling wine, light-bodied white wine, and fortified wines.

We will share more on the different types of wine glasses in a future article; "Why are there so many different types of wine glasses?"

Before learning how to properly hold your wine glass, and if it matters, let's look at the "whys" of holding your glass of wine. How you handle your glass helps you get the most out of your wine experience for three main reasons:

Why Are There So Many Types of Wine Glasses?

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Have you been in the wine glass and accessories department recently? Did you happen to notice that there is a glass for nearly every type of wine you might decide to pour? The fact is, at first look it might be a challenge to look at all the options and wonder why so many choices. Let’s look at wine glass from A –to- Z as it were. We will review glasses you may just decide that you need for your favorite Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sarah, or that Zinfandel you just purchased. After we have looked at the different shapes and sizes of wine glasses, I believe it will make a bit more sense.

Variety of wine glasses available

Courtesy Riedel Wine Glasses

According to the Court of Master Sommeliers there are nearly two dozen types of wine glasses available for serving wine today. That’s a lot of cabinet space dedicated to wine glasses! It’s little surprise if you’ve recently browsed the glassware section of a home goods store. There are wide glasses and short glasses, tall and slender glasses — even funny-shaped glasses with special curved rims.

If you are someone that has pondered the question; “Why so many different wine glasses” you will discover that each size and shape of does matter in that each glass is designed specifically with the aim of enhancing the wines unique properties, flavors. The wine’s own characteristics if you will. Keep reading to explore our complete guide to the kinds of wine glasses and their uses, as well as the various wine glass shapes and purposes.

Livermore Valley Wines and Wineries: Cuda Ridge Wines – Winemaker Larry Dino of Cuda Ridge Wines

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A little bit about Livermore and the history of winemaking
Founded on April 1, 1876, Livermore is known to be California's oldest wine region. In fact--Livermore had its own winery before it was founded! Livermore has been making and selling wine since 1849, the first winery owned by Robert Livermore. Whom the town was named after. Since then, Livermore has been a popular stopping point to visit. In fact, it was while traveling back to the San Francisco Bay Area after a business appointment in Tracy, CA that I stopped in at a couple of wineries and on a napkin, I started my blog at one of the tastings.

Three bottles of Cuda Ridge WIne

This valley has become home to many award-winning wineries, Livermore is famous for making and producing wine and their farmlands. Station in the heart of the Bay Area is the ideal place to be when you want to find a place to taste the perfect wine that will capture your attention. That being said, I will be sure to write another article about Livermore Valley and its wines and wineries in a future article that will address: where to stay, what to do, getting around Livermore Wine Country, where to eat, and of course the wineries.

Wine Tasting: 16 Tips to Remember

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Woman in a testing room pouring red wine

Photo Courtesy Riedel Wine Glasses

You are planning to go to your first wine tasting at a winery. This adventure can be both exciting and intimidating. For those new to the Wine Trails of California, or any state for that matter, it may seem like certain wine and winery protocol and understand is required to enter the world of wine. The goal here is to provide some wine tasting tips that will help you to enjoy the winery experience. If you consider yourself knowledgeable about your winery adventures and tasting wine I hope that you enjoy these reminders.

While it is good to understand some basics you do not have to become a wine expert to enjoy you visit. With a little knowledge you can calm any pre-tasting jitters that you might have. While wine tasting at wineries and tasting rooms have some common etiquette, it is still about enjoying yourself and the wines that are served during your visit. Here are a few tips and important points to keep in mind to help you step up to your next tasting with confidence.

You Are in The Tasting Room - What to Expect

Bottles lined up on a table in a tasting room

Photo Credit Cuvee Wine Cellars - San Carlos, CA

Wine Tasting - Indian Peak Vineyards - Take 5 Red Blend

Thu, 09/23/2021 - 14:55 -- johnk

California Wine Tasting a mountain red blend from Indian Peak Vineyards. I have made several trips to Indian Peak. I had family that lived in the area just West of Lassen Park in Shingletown, CA. Shingletown is just a short windy drive to Maton, CA. This small mountain community is home to a few mountain wineries and Indian Peak is one of them. 

Indian Peak Vineyards 2014 Take Five is a blend of 57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 9% Malbec, and 4% Cabernet Franc. Fred and Donna Boots only produced 397 cases. At the time I am drafting this post I fear for the wineries in Maton. I have a freind that works at Lassen Volcanic Park and just recently I heard that the Dixie Fire was extremely close to the Park Headquarters that he works out of and the the Park is closed. It wasn't that long ago my wife and I went up Shingletown to stay at a BnB for our anniversary, only to pull out due to smoke and the red skies due to the fire. We gathered important documents and such at my mothers home with radio and TV on that night in the event the fire jumped the ridge and the highway. While we didn't have to evacuate, not that far as "the crow files" the wildfire burned. Fred was among the wine growers that were dealing with smoke taint. I hope that they and the other wineries fair better this time around. I think I will shoot an email, or a message off to Fred and Donna as I am thinking about them.

Well, on a happier note, let's get the Zip Sips wine review started. This 2014 has been laying down for some years and has survived a couple of moves with other wines that were laying down as well. This Tehama County Red Wine is a delightful Bourdaux style blend. 

California Wine Tasting - Rock Wall - Tannat 2015

Wed, 09/15/2021 - 10:00 -- johnk

Let's enjoy a little California Wine Tasting with a bottle of Rock Wall Wine Company's 2015 Tannat. First a little bit about the winemaker Shauna Rosenblum who for Rock Wall Wine Company. She learned to make wine from her epic father Kent Rosenblum. Shauna literally grew up in the cellar and spent her childhood in wineries and vineyards where she worked and learned all the facets of the winemaking business. Shauna has a Master’s degree in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. As an undergraduate, at California College of Arts and Crafts she became very interested in chemistry through the ceramics glaze making process.  She realized there were similarities in the ceramics and winemaking processes as far as chemistry and blending. This realization lead to an epiphany that winemaking was art! I have driven by Rock Wall a couple of times in the past while in the area, unfortunately, each time my timing was off so I still haven't met Shauna in person though  I have learned a little bit about her throuh one of her wines Rock Wall 2015 Tannatand afew exchanges on Social Media. I hope to meet Shauna in the months to come.


California Wine Tasting - Markus Wine Co - French Colombard

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California wine tasting is so enjoyable and getting to know the people behind the wines can be a lot of fun. While talking with Jon Björk at Markus Wine Co I noticed that he had listed a French Colombard. Back while Jon and I were talking wines I had in mind the warm weather that would soon be on its way. Well, warm was a bit of a miscalculations as it has been a hot July 2021 all over California and the Western United States. Enough of that, back to the French Colombard that Jon sent my way. Jon marked on the unlabeled bottle that this wine is a 2020 French Colombard, and that Labeling was scheduled for some time in April. Well, I am glad I got this bottle because recently I learned that all the French Colombard produced had been purchased for another bottling. So, this makes this bottle just a little bit rare and I thought I would share it with you in this review.

This Colombard From Markus Wine Co has a nice acid balance along with sufficient residual sugar. Be sure to give it a good chill first on a day like today, forecast is for the triple-digits. Now that you wine has a good chill on it you can see how the aromas change as it warms in the glass.
A little bit on wines produced with Colombard grapes
Most information on Colombard tells us that the grape grows the best on sandy, dry soils and even clay loams.  Colombard is a high yielding variety. In the San Joaquin valley of California, Colombard is cultivated midseason with harvest beginning usually in mid to late August. Where does Colombard grow?

California Wine Tasting with Quady Wines – Starboard Batch 88

Wed, 07/21/2021 - 13:00 -- johnk

California Wine Tasting with Quady Wines – Starboard Batch 88 

Why does Quady Wines call their “port” Starboard? Port is a geographic term for fortified wines that come from the Douro River Valley in Portugal. Starboard, the nautical term for right, (as opposed to port – left) is a unique to the home of Quady Wines, the San Joaquin Valley, California, on the other side of the world from Portugal. 

Quady Wines Starboard Batch 88 is a blended easy drinking port-style wine with ripe fruit and nutty elements that place it somewhere between a ruby and a tawny. Quady Wines has produced a warm, smooth and rich port-style wine with a chocolate raisin and dried fig personality. Delightfully warming by itself, Batch 88 also pairs well with cheeses or nuts, or do both. Try Blue Cheese, Stilton, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Sharp Cheddars, & Parmesan for additional for addition cheese pairing. Do you like figs? Think Figs, Walnuts and Almonds. 

Quady Wines uses the same grape varieties and similar methods that you would find in Douro Portugal, but the climate in the San Joaquin Valley is warmer and the soils are different. Instead of 140 proof fortifying brandy, Quady uses a neutral grape spirit of 190 proof. Also, Quady uses 60-gallon barrels instead of the 140-gallon pipes used in Portugal. As a result, Starboard matures earlier and has a riper more voluptuous flavor. - 20% Alcohol

Gifts for Women

California Wine Tasting - Engelmann Cellars, Fresno, CA

Wed, 07/14/2021 - 12:00 -- johnk

California Wine Tasting at Engelmann Cellars, June 2021. 

The Experience -

While I had the opportunity to taste couple more that listed here during my last visit here are some quick notes on 3 of the wines. Kylie the wine club manager was pouring on this hot Saturday afternoon. While I tend to lean a lot towards the red wines, a couple of white blends were very welcome in the heat of the afternoon.  The first was Summer Quartet, a dry white blend of Chardonnay, Viognier, White Cab and Dry Muscat. Next was RS, another white blend of Chardonnay, Viognier, White Cabernet, and Sweet Muscat. Both wines were enjoyable and welcome considering how warm it was that day and the fact that tastings were all taking place outside. Summer Quartet, a dry white-blend that would pair well with fish and summer salads. RS being a sweet white would be great for a glass before or after a meal.



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