Red Wines

Red Wines

Calafia Cellars

The winery name derives from legend about a queen and her society of amazons on an island in the West Indies recorded in the log of Columbus’ first voyage. The legend was then popularized by Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo, a historical novelist, in his book, published in 1503 in which he named the queen “Calafia.” The origin of the word “Calafia” remains a mystery. Explorer Hernando Cortez landed near the tip of Baja in 1513 and was reminded of the rugged terrain described in Montalvo’s book. Believing he was on an island he named it “Calafia’s Land” which became California.

Whitehall Lane Winery

Whitehall makes some great wine! We were surprised by the mostly empty parking lot and even considered turning away before entering. Did an empty parking lot mean bad wine? Everything we sampled, from white to red was great. Easy drinking and definitely well priced. Come summer time it can be very busy at times. Well worth a visit.

Tres Hermanas Winery

This is a great little winery along the Foxen Canyon trail. If you want a winery where the owners pour and you can actually talk about winemaking and the whole experience you get it here. Tres Hermanas does not make super jammy Central Coast wines but rather produces numerous wines in a more European style...lower in alcohol, higher in acid and basically more food friendly. I will have to say I enjoy 90% of what they produce.

Their Tres Hermanas Cuvee is incredible as is there Nebbiolo, Refosco, Syrah/Sangiovese blend and Muscat Cannelli.

Norman Vineyards

Norman Vineyards was established in 1971 when Art and Lei Norman realized their dream of growing grapes and making wine. Art, a true pioneer, was spurred on by the memories of his father and grandfather making wine in the family home. They spent weekends scouting for the perfect site before settling on their Adelaida site in Paso Robles. Art and Lei fine-tuned their viticultural skills over they years supplying highly sought after grapes to several wineries.

Vouchaine Vineyards

Located off the beaten path and decidedly unpretentious, an afternoon visit to Bouchaine is a favorite. Their wine is quite good, especially considering the mostly modest bottle prices. Their riesling is crisp and wonderful, perfect for a warm sunny afternoon. Their pinots are excellent. There is a self-guided tour through the vineyards that offers great views of the southern Napa Valley.

Toca Medera Winery

Walt Whelan and his son, Brian Whelan started making wine in their garage with long-time friends Justin Gennock and Tony Storelli. After earning several best of shows in the Fresno Fair, the team entered larger competitions and won State-wide Gold and Silver awards for winemaking. So begins Toca Madera Winery in Madera, CA with the goal to share their love of winemaking and fine wine with everyone. The Toca Madera Winery is located in Madera, California on Avenue 9 just a short drive east of Highway 99 where you will find beautiful undulating hills covered with majestic vines. Toca Madera Winery frequently has local musicians entertaining guest as they enjoy the wines of Shayne Vetter, Winemaker at Toca Madera.~


Sat      12:00pm to 5:00pm
Sun     12:00pm to 5:00pm

CAB HOUSE at Hansen Vineyards

Painting by Agata Zaborowski

The Cab House at Hansen Vineyard & Winery is known for excellent, award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon Wines. Taste with winemaker Bruce Hansen in the winery he built in 1993.  Bruce oversees everything with extreme attention to detail, from planting, growing, and harvesting, to barrels, fermentation, and bottling. Nothing escapes Bruce’s obsessive desire to use the best methods, the best barrels, to be the best Cabernet Sauvignon anywhere.

Buccella Wines

Buccella, under the guidance of well-known winemaking consultant Celia Masyczek has fashioned brilliant Cabernet Sauvignons in both 2006 and 2007 and the 2008 continues their success. The 2008s are slightly more powerful, backward wines but they have enough structure as well as sensational concentration and depth to support the tannins.


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