Treana Winery

The Treana & Hope Family Wines Tasting Cellar is a modern take on a rustic barrel room. We offer samples of our regional blends along with stunning views of the Hope Family Vineyard. Located just off of Highway 46 West, come and enjoy the latest vintages of Treana, Liberty School, Candor, Troublemaker & Austin Hope wines.

Le Casque

We strolled in to find a huge courtyard area with lounge chairs surrounding a fire pit and a bar for tasting. We were welcomed by the owners (a husband and wife) and their daughter, who was doing the pouring. We tried a few of their wines, all of which were impressive but I instantly fell in love with the cab franc. The owner then took us on a tour of the facilities, explained their wine-making process, and gave us a taste of some young wines. We also had a chance to chat with the wine maker and and thank him for making such delicious wines.

Willow Creek Wine Co.

In 2017 Brain and Natalie Brown moved to Paso Robles and Sona Estate on Vineyard Drive in the Willow Creek District was born. In addition to growing their own fruit the couple have spent years fostering with other wine grape growers as far south down the Central Coast as Santa Barbara, to as far north as Sacramento Delta and Napa Valley. The wines produced are clean, site driven wines with minimal intervention in the cellar. This couple sees eye-to-eye on style and technical details but ultimately the loyalty to a promise never to bottle a wine that both would not drink. Willow Creek Wine Collective is an appropriate name as Brian and Natalie produce wine under multiple brands and have brought them all together under one roof.

Due to possible restrictions during the Pandemic please contact the Willow Creek to make reservations so that you can enjoy their wine selections. 

Preston Vineyards

Wine tasting at Preston was a fun experience. The tasting room had a welcoming atmosphere with lots of funny books decorating the bookshelves and samples of their olives and sourdough. There were other groups also present, but we were attended quite quickly. Hidden gem. This is what wine country should feel be continued.


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