Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

The Winery: Hefty pours and knowledgable pourers. The winery is notable for having 10 different sparkling wines and we took a brief tour of the sparkling wine facilities. I particularly liked the ruby cuvee and most of the wines are great for the price. The Restaurant: All of the food was decent, but I was particularly impressed by the soups. I ordered a corn and clam chowder, which tied together 2 of my favorite soups in creamy and savory perfection. The French onion soup was just as tasty and loaded with cheese.

David Coffaro Estate Winery

The wines here were very good really enjoyed them. They charge a $5 tasting fee, which is definitely worth it to try some of their nice blends as well as the Zin, Cab, and Petite Sirah. Nice winery with a great personality. The barrel tasting experience is great. The lobster bisque was very good. The wine selection made it all worth the trip and the picnic area really took things to a new place.

Chateau Montelena Winery

Chateau Montelena is a Napa Valley winery most famous for winning the white wine section of the historic "Judgement of Paris" wine competition. I had high expectations coming into this experience after the depth of history. From the time you walk up to Chateau Montelena, the grounds are extremely well kept and there's a feeling of serenity.

We decided to opt for the Library Tasting, which I'd highly recommend. We sampled the estate wine, which exudes a much more complex taste than the standard Chateau line of wine. After sampling several vintages ranging from 2005 to 2011, I was completely sold on the hype. It probably also helped that Sean was extremely accommodating and his passion for wine as well as working at Chateau Montelena is apparent. If you book this tasting, be sure to ask for Sean. Did you see "Bottle Shock"?

Foppiano Vineyards

One of the oldest wineries in Napa and so down to earth! We had a great visit chatting with the hostess. We discovered things about the history of the local wine industry from her that other places were not sharing. Very personable.

Kamen Wines

In 1980, Robert Mark Kamen came to Sonoma to celebrate the sale of his first screen play. While hiking the rugged hillsides of the Southern Mayacamas Mountians, Robert came upon a piece of property with breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay. Remote, rugged, and without roads, water or electricity, the 280 acres had an immediate visceral impact on Robert. A week later the property was his. Inky, robust Cabs, just the way I like them. 2005 or 2006, I was having a hard time determining which one I liked better. Just great - these are wines I could drink regularly. Of course, they cost $100/bottle, and aren't all that common - so my desire to regularly drink the '05 Cab will definitely be squashed by price and availability.

Keever Vineyards

Take the time to make an appointment and visit this hidden gem! We wound our way up the hill through two security gates and pulled into what looked like someone's home. We were greeted with the most beautifully fragrant in-bloom roses under a gorgeous pergola. Magnificent views were everywhere. It was so beautiful I didn't really want to go inside.

Inside, however, there were treats in-store. The wine was great. The interior was cool and comfortable with leather club chairs. Again, it felt like someone's home - almost like the family's lab was waiting just around the corner with a ball ready to play.

The barrel room was simple with glass-enclosed library room.

Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard

Buttonwood Farm is a small gem set amidst the splendor of Santa Barbara County's Santa Ynez Valley. 39-acre vineyard stretches across a sun-drenched mesa on the eastern portion of our 106-acre property. Buttonwood Winery started planting in 1983 and now have 33,000 vines. Buttonwood now produces 8,000 cases of wine a year.

Vindemia Vineyards & Winery

f you are going from winery to winery in Temecula, it is well worth the short trip out to Vindemia. The setting is lovely, and is a welcome break from the crowded and hurried tasting rooms along the main strip.

We were there in the afternoon on a pleasant long weekend, when the whole area was teeming with wine tourists. Even so, Vindemia was laid-back and pleasant. The wine was good, and the server was pleasant and helpful.

Destino Wines

No, you cannot actually pull into a dusty parking lot and head into a tasting room, where on the spot, you can purchase your wine along with silly fleece vests, and magnets and bottle openers with Destino printed across them. Actually, you can't visit a winery at all.

No matter, their wines are tasty.Their chardonnay is especially good and I always prefer reds.

They purchase their grapes from a select group of vineyards. I'd really like to know who, but that's beside the point.


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