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Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Provenance Vineyards

Try their 09 Provenance Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Three Palms Vineyard. From the same vineyard, a really good choice would be 07 Provenance Vineyards Merlot Napa Valley Three Palms Vineyard at $39 (a killer price).

Clearly, the wines made from the Three Palms Vineyard are superior to the other wines in their Provenance line-up.

Strongly recommend tasting here as a counterbalance to the Napa wineries who showcase over $100 Cabs.

Oops, I almost forgot - their Sauv Blanc is REALLY, REALLY good - for the white wine fans out there.

Deaver Vineyards

Ken Deaver stoops his broad shoulders to uncork a bottle of Zinfandel, wearing his trade-
mark denims and cowboy hat, and you soon learn that Ken knows his wines. And his grapes.

As you look upon Deaver’s 300 acres you will see 140-year-old Zinfindel vines and eight acres of Mission vines, so called because they were brought from Mexico by the Jesuits and Franciscans. The Deaver mission vines were planted around 1854 by Ken Deaver's great grandfather John A. Davis.

Couloir Wines

Couloir Wines & Straight Line Wine celebrates the grandeur of California viticulture while finding inspiration and stylistic direction from traditional western European winemaking. The wines are effusive with aromatic intensity and complexity without being overly concentrated.

his is a new producer with the 2007 vintage of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. The founder and winemaker is Jon Grant, who is also the assistant winemaker at Turley Wine Cellars. Grant has learned his trade at several notable wineries including PlumpJack Winery, Corison Winery, and Robert Mondavi Winery. While a tour guide at Robert Mondavi Winery, he first visited the Anderson Valley in 1997.

Andretti Winery

This is a reallly pretty winery and lovely italian castle/mansion looking architecture, and really friendly staff and of course lots of cool racing pics all around and other art also.

Vision Cellars

The best part of this whole experience was just sitting around this table with lovers of the industry, chatting under that shaded oak tree on a cool Sonoma morning. The owner and wine maker, Mac has an amazing story and he tells it well. Growing up in Texas, he was the son of a moonshine maker. After tasting his first bottle of fine Italian wine at the age of 12, he vowed to become a wine maker. And that's exactly what he did. He became a great one. After 1.5 hours of driving, we arrive at Vision Cellars. Down this winding road we go. Small country road where large parts had eroded. We turn into a driveway through a farm gate and park in front of a barn. To the left is a house. To the right is another barn and a newer living quarters. Behind all of that are rows of vines. Um, where's the paved road leading to the fountain in front of a lavish tasting room? Not here. No sir. Great wine with a vintner who has history to share. Vision Cellars is a boutique winery featuring Pinot Noir. Know that as you enjoy your first, it won't be your last glass of Vision Cellars wine. Sipping with Mac, is where it's at!

MacLeod Family Vineyard

After spending a fair amount of time among the vines with George, we arrived at a massive oak tree overlooking the valley. There, was a lone picnic table with all sorts of wine, cheeses, chocolates and other yummy foods laid upon it. So, besides getting a private tour of a vineyard, up close and personal, the MacLeods take it one step further and do food pairings with their wines.

Robert Pepi Winery

Cardinale Estate is an ultra premium wine estate located off of Highway 29 on top of a small natural hill. This is the site of the old Robert Pepi winery and after selling his Pepi Winery Robert is now running his own boutique label called Eponymous which we have reviewed here. Cardinale is visible from the main highway. The stone building is classy and elegant with great views of the Napa Valley from its hillside location. This is a high end winery specializing in merely one wine each year, a Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, this location serves as a hub for tasting some of the Jackson Family's high end Napa labels, all of which we have reviewed.

Estancia Estates

Estancia’s winemakers strive to combine the best of both worlds: a state-of-the art winemaking facility, and a traditional, hands-on approach to each grape produce. In the end, this combination allows Estancia Estates to deliver the hand-crafted quality for which their wines are known. Estancia Estates's cutting-edge facilities enable them to take advantage of the beneficial advances in winemaking technology commitment to old world processes results in the complexity and elegance found in artisanal and boutique wines.

J. Rickards Vineyard & Winery

When we drove up we were greeted by 2 dogs and Jim the owner. The place is quaint and wine is phenomenal. Jim the owner took his time and explained the wine making process to our group, he even had us taste one of the grapes on the hillside. One of my favorite wines was the wine blend called "Sisters" which is made from the traditional Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petite Verdot and Malbec, all estate grown


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