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Moseley Family Cellars- Shasta Cascade

Wed, 11/19/2014 - 13:14 -- johnk

Moseley Family Cellars is a small, family-owned winery in Redding California. Mimi and Marty did not start out with tons of dollars in the bank when starting Moseley Family Cellars. However, Mimi and Marty Moseley had tons of passion and some experience in traveling around this planet for a few years and being involved with other ventures. 

With encouragement from friends and family, Marty and Mimi have realized their dream to establish Moseley Family Cellars was born. This couple has eagerly established themselves in the Redding business community and shared their love of fine handcrafted wines. The result was a great wine experience.

The Moseley’s chose to search out the best grapes from top quality vineyards throughout California (Napa, Sonoma, Lodi and local vineyards) to create their sought-after wines. Purchasing grapes, as opposed to growing them allowed for the flexibility to craft Moseley Family Cellar wines exactly the way they wanted. In the winery, Marty and Mimi Moseley take top-quality grapes from the harvest to the crush and through fermentation, all the way through aging to bottling.

Dakaro Cellars - California's Shasta Cascade

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 17:00 -- johnk


Boutique wineries seem to be springing up in ideal locations for the grapes and the wines they produce. David and Kathy Roth have developed just such a vineyard and winery in Whitmore. They have been creating wonderful wines from their eight acres of chosen varietals that blend beautifully to please the palates of a growing number of fans. I have made several stops by Dakaro Cellars to meet with the owners and enjoy some conversation on the veranda overlooking the vineyard and appreciate some of their well-crafted wines as well.


The Roth’s got started years ago with a passion and a dream. They both went back to school to learn everything they needed to know to begin their new venture. Kathy studied sustainable viticulture and David the art of winemaking. In 2006 they began preparing their land where Big Spring Vineyards sits just off Whitmore Road. Up the winding gravel road is a garden area that looks back over the vineyard with the winery hidden just over the ridge above. David and Kathy planted their first grapes in 2007. A local spring feeds their vines through a gravity flow watering system; they look forward to adding another eight acres of vines to the eight currently in production.


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