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Central Coast

Central Coast

Boyer Winery

Boyer Wines is a family winery created by Paul and Nina Boyer in 2008. The winery's focus, to produce natural wines which truely express the character of the grape and the unique qualities of the terrior.

Ambyth Estate

AmByth is the Welsh word meaning 'forever'. We view it as our legacy: to live and farm to our heart's content in Templeton for the remainder of our lives...but also to farm with the future in mind, and the healthy condition of our land being left behind. AmByth Estate is Paso Robles' first and only winery to produce Demeter certified Biodynamic wines. We utilize the Biodynamic method of farming to enhance our observations of nature, and use these intimate insights as tools that allow our 20 acres of vineyards to express their true character through the grapes it produces. We want our grapes to be as unique to AmByth Estate as your thumbprint is to you.

Calcareous Vineyards

Let the Soil Speak ! The one thing that makes for the creation of uniqueness amongst wines is the exact place the vines reside. The oneness of soil, water, sun and ai in each vineyard creates wines as individual as snowflakes.

Tobin James Cellars

Tobin James is not your traditional estate with vineyards, but definitely a fun winery to visit and often the place to stop by many that are escaping the heat of the Central Valley. If you are even slightly intemidated about not knowing enough about your wines, this come here, they will put you at ease!  The staff really wants to talk about things other than tannins, oak, and other terms so common in wine articles.  If you are a serious about your wine, Jobin James, Lance and Claire Silver the owners are completely passionate about the wines they make. But if you are a grape-nut like me who would like to have fun while tasting great wines without being judged by condescending staff members - Tobin James Cellars.  - this is the place to be!*


Daily - 10:00AM to 6:00PM


Black Hand Cellars

Black Hand Cellars tasting room

We have enjoyed visiting Black Hand Cellars tasting room on several occasions and while communicating with Tom Banish the owner and winemaker we have yet to actual talk face to face.  The name Black Hand Cellars, evolved through many stories of the owners great Grandmother on the banished-side of the family would tell about the great wines her husband would make and how the Black Hand Mafia found a liking to his wine and would seek him out for it. With such an intriguing history the name for the winery was chosen and the roaring 20's theme set in motion along with hands stained from the harvest of their rich red wine varietals. Tom and his wife have done a great job with their wines and make it a fun experience all at the same time. Tom and his wife are very much into the entire experience and they have been known to stay a little longer even while closing to share the fruits of their labor and the Black Hand Cellar experience.~


Mon-Sun - 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Stolo Family Vineyards

Don and Charlene Stolo purchased 53 acres of property to call home, located just east of Cambria CA. The coastal property had an existing 9 acre vineyard planted to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. Soon after their purchase, they were faced with the following choice: continue to sell the high in demand coastal grapes to local winemakers, or produce their own wine.n 2004, with the help of their three children and neighbors, Don and Charlene harvested their first vintage from Stolo Family Vineyard. They bottled 176 cases and officially became part of the wine industry.

Meridian Vineyards

Meridian is the leading winery in California's Central Cost, yielding exceptional varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. Website was under being worked on at the time of this post.


Morovino celebrates the Italian winemaking style by crafting smooth, easy-to-drink vintages that match perfectly with your favorite foods.  From a classic Pinot Grigio to an unusual rich, velvety Dolcetto.

Aron Hill Vineyards

AronHill Estate vineyard is nurtured on this beautiful hillside where there is the perfect blend of sun, climate, and soil, resulting in excellent fruit. Judy Aron pride herself on her personal hands-on attention to every detail in the finest winemaking tradition. Judy works hand in hand and with deep gratitude to my dedicated vineyard manager, Richard Sauret, and winemaker, Mikel Olsten, to achieve excellent and premium wines. The dry farmed, low yield, fruit-forward Cabernet Sauvignon is estate grown and touted by Cab lovers as smooth and full bodied with a pepper kick. “Unbridled Passion” is how Judy describes AronHill's Vinho Doce port.

Figge Cellars

Started in 2004 by Peter Figge, the winery produces three varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah. For all Figge wines, Peter is both the vineyard manager and winemaker ensuring the wines are handcrafted. Case volumes vary from wine to wine and the total production for Figge Cellars hovers around 2500-3500 cases each season.


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