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Central Coast

Central Coast

Sextant Wines - Edna

When you see the sign that says you have arrived at Old Edna, you are at Sextant's tasting room. A two-story tin building made to look old, they have charming grounds that are as fun for the kids as it is for the adults. Outside there is a pen of bantering goats, a fearless hen, old wood shanties, a tree house, picket fences, picnic tables, grass, and plenty of shade to sit and eat. They offer a limited menu of simple food inside and, of course, wine and a few other bottled beverages. The old time charm and novelty is certainly a draw. The tasting room is quite inviting and set up for countertop tastings or more casual small group seatings for eating and drinking, indoors and out.

Bassetti Vineyards

Neil Bassetti Vineyards is a family owned company that brings you the boldest and richest wine traditions of California. Neil Bassetti Vineyards has a long history dating back to 1958 where Neil Bassetti started in the farming business of the Central Coast area. Today and every day Neil tends to the vineyards personally to ensure constant attention to the vineyard to maintain a generous annual yield.

He still continues to follow family traditions. There's always plenty of food to eat after a long day's hard work. Whether it may be a celebration or family dinner, Neil preaches to bestow a bottle of wine as the salvation for anything and everything. Whether it be over dinner, a gift, or a toast at a very special occasion, we hope you enjoy a glass as much as we do.

You have only so many bottles in your life, never drink a bad one.

Hasen Vineyard & Winery

As a Small Boutique Winery that offers Ultra-premium
hand-made wines produced in small lots from their
family-owned winery and vineyard. A uniquely
rustic tasting room. Experience some serious wine,
talk with the owner-winemaker and enjoy the relaxing
family atmosphere. Stay in the private accomodations
and enjoy the awesome views and country quiet.

Justin Vineyards and Winery

NOTHING but the best to report to about JUSTIN.

The Vineyard and Wine Tasting Room are very nice, almost like being in another country. Peaceful and serene.

The wine tasting room is relatively new, I believe we were told they opened about 6 months ago (from their prior location). The room was modern, tasteful, and chic. JUSTIN offers dinning in a beautiful dinning room that overlooks the vineyard. Of course, plan on making reservations ahead of time.

The wine tasting was a success. We discovered their 2011 Right Angle and their 2011 Reserve Malbec. Both are AMAZING.

Barreto Cellars

Barreto Cellars, founded by Michael and Joey Barreto, Barreto Cellars was established with the idea of becoming the leader in California producing high quality wines featuring grape varieties native to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Because of relatives who migrated to America from these regions there is an obvious connection and desire to learn more about and develop wines utilizing these varieties. Many of these are unheard of in California except for a few elite growers and select winemakers. Currently we are creating wines in the New World style while trying to capture the truly unique characteristics each variety possesses. Each lot of wine is carefully hand-crafted from vineyard to bottle to bring the true sense of the vineyard to your glass. In an attempt to represent both Spain and Portugal equally, a red variety noted for each country is being produced.

Westerly Vineyards

Committed to progressive winegrowing and inspired by artful winemaking, we specialize in limited-production wines that express the unique imprint of the vineyards and region. in Happy Canyon, on the eastern perimeter of Santa Barbara County’s Santa Ynez Valley, the ancient, stony soils, warm afternoons and reliable Pacific breezes are particularly suited to classic Bordeaux and Rhône varietals. From these varietals, our mission is to craft wines of uncommon depth, distinction and elegance.

Timeless Plates Wine

Founded in 2005, La Fenêtre is my expression of classic style and technique in winemaking with new world, modern sensibility. Crafted wines that are elegant, perfectly balanced, great with food, and long to finish. While the great classic, old world wine regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux, and the Rhône are my benchmarks, true to the terroir of the vineyards from which my wines originate.


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