Central Coast

Central Coast

Kinton Wines

Like most of today's top winemakers, Peter focuses much of his attention on the vineyards. For winemaking philosophy, Peter believes it is less about technique and more about preserving the essential taste of the vineyard. He knows that intelligent viticulture is the key to creating great wines. When it comes to harvest, Peter likes to do things the old-fashioned way: he picks by flavor, not numbers.

Toucan Wines

Toucan Wines is small by any standard. Doug the owner of this micro-winery is focused on quality and it is the limited production and attention to detail that set Toucan Wines apart. The winery and estate vineyard, located next to family home, produce full-bodied and richly flavored wines taking full advantage of what the old-clone vines and microclimate have to offer.

Sharps Hill Vineyards

Sharpe Hill has an interesting and historical feel to it. It has a lot of nice, old, beautiful pieces as decor.

The tasting room has eclectically decorated and has about 20 seats. The tasting of 14 wines for $15 (plus glass) is a great way to try all their very different, very tasty wines. They have 3 chardonnays that were all different and lovely. The tasting also includes 2 dessert wines, a white and red.

Tantara Winery

Tantara was the name of a horse owned by Bill Cates some years ago. After Tantara was retired to pasture, she defied predictions of an imminent demise and lived to a ripe old age. Horses symbolize elegance, grace and power and in Tantara’s case, long life, all of which are qualities Tantara Winery has for their wines. 


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Shadow Canyon Cellars

Shadow Canyon is a mountain vineyard located on California's Central Coast planted to syrah and grenache. Located in the middle of the East-West corridor known as the Templeton gap, the vineyard lies at a 1,600' elevation approximately 8 miles from the ocean. The corridor allows cool marine air and fog to roll into the vineyard, which experiences daytime highs in the 80's and 90's, with nighttime lows in the 40's. This large diurnal temperature swing promotes a long growing season and balanced fruit development.

Peachy Canyon Winery

I recommend the 2011 snow Zin and Westside Zin. Great atmosphere Nice Zins and Malbecs. Friendly staff seem to treat each visitor as a welcome guest. The tasting room is in a super cute building. One side used to be an old school house. Service was quick, friendly, and attentive -- one woman was pouring and keeping many people happy. Many stars for her.

Stolo Family Vineyards

Don and Charlene Stolo purchased 53 acres of property to call home, located just east of Cambria CA. The coastal property had an existing 9 acre vineyard planted to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. Soon after their purchase, they were faced with the following choice: continue to sell the high in demand coastal grapes to local winemakers, or produce their own wine.n 2004, with the help of their three children and neighbors, Don and Charlene harvested their first vintage from Stolo Family Vineyard. They bottled 176 cases and officially became part of the wine industry.

Dracaena Wines

Mike and Lori Budd have loved wine for a long time now, and have made wine for several vintages. The couple began with one of those “make wine with us” type places. Mike and Lori didn’t know where the grapes were from, other than Lodi, California. They graduated to a more serious operation with both their fruit and winery in Paso Robles, CA. The couple has had rave reviews from their friends and colleagues that had tried their wines. The winemaking couple have dreamed of retiring to California and have purchased property in Arroyo Grande to fulfill this dream. Now onto the “what are we going to do when we get there” aspect of their lives. So enter Dracaena Wines. Yes, it is a little strange name but there is a story behind it. You can check it out on their winery's website. Dracaena Wines produces some very fine Cabernet Franc wines. At this time you can order wines or make an appointment to tour and taste their wines right in the vineyard. We are pleased to have Mike and Lori participating in California Corks Winery Experience so our members can have the experience of the vineyard and the wines produced from the vines.  

Tin House Winery

Tin House is a small, family-owned and operated winery. Tin House focuses on two varieties of wine - Pinot Noir and Syrah. Tin House sources their fruit from the Edna Valley and Santa Maria Appellations. Award-winning wines are produced in limited quantities resulting in wines that exhibit intimate craftsmanship and artisan character.

Dark Star Cellars

looking through wine glass at landscape

Dark Star Cellars is a rustic working winery and vineyard just of the West 46 and 5 min from Central Paso Robles. We really enjoy the Mirror (Syrah/Cab/Merlot blend), Passing By (Cab/Merlot blend), the Jack of Hearts (Cab/Merlot/Petit Verdot) and Jersey Girl. Wines were great. Excellent wines would highly recommend. 


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