D'Argenzio Winery

Ray is the owner and winemaker, has been in this location for 16 years.
He sources fruit from a variety of places, and has some varietals (wine types) he always makes, and also mixes it up sometime. Besides the 4 varietals usually pouring the current for sale list will have chardonnay, several pinots, gewurztraminer, zin, and more. Total case production for D'Argenzio is only 3k cases a year.

Woodenhead Vintners

The winemaking at Woodenhead is pure and simple or, if you will, Burgundian done California-style. Woodenhead Vintners wine is handcrafted from a hard labor of love in tune to the natural rhythm of the land, the water, the air, and the seasons. No mechanical pumping is employed. Inoculated yeast and malolactic cultures, hand punching, basket pressing, French oak, and California fruit is what you get. Small and unique lots are their goal, ultra premium wine is the result.

Grable Vineyards

According to Amy Grable at Grable Vineyards, they don't just make wine, they grow it - and they grow wine that they love to drink. Grable Vineyards lets the grapes do most of the work and just try to stay out of the way. The folks at Grable Vineyards allow the flavors to evolve naturally while giving the wine time to age slowly to achieve perfect balance.

Frick Winery

Bill Frick and Judith Gannon started this winery in 1976 with the proceeds from the sale of their 1957 Chevrolet. In the small, cool winery, hidden away on a back road, Bill Frick hand crafts complex, rare wines that reflect the true character of the grape.

Miro Cellars

Miro Tcholakov was born and raised in Northern Bulgaria, a region with many millennia of winemaking history. He was exposed to wine and wine making at a very early age from his grandfather who taught him how to make wine in the old tradition that had been tested through generations.

Rodney Strong Vineyards

We had a great time here. We stepped in here while waiting for another winery to open. The very first thing we noticed when we opened the door was the intoxicating scent of wine. We were able to take a self-guides tour around and realized the large barrels were right in the open, which was why the facility had that lovely sweet wine smell. Tour was timed perfectly, not too long, but not too short, and we had a super nice tour guide. Wine tasting after the tour was extra fun.

Landmark Vineyards

Landmark offers a gorgeous but relaxed setting to sample their wines. It really is a beautiful winery. Gracious, welcoming, picturesque and some darn good wines. Now that is a combination that can't be beat!

Ladd Cellars

Ladd Cellars is a winery in Sonoma, California. The winery is operated by Eric Lundblad. Eric Lundblad is the winemaker at Ladd Cellars. Ladd Cellars offers Pinot Noir.

Hart's Desire Wines

Hart's Desire had absolutely exceptional wines, and very many at that. They had a lot of varietals that you rarely find elsewhere in Sonoma County except for in blends, such as Malbec, Claret, and Cabernet Franc. Their tasting room has beautiful artwork and has an old school jukebox playing great tunes!


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