Cleary Ranch Vineyards

At the Cleary Ranch, life is more than just working hard to make ends meet. It’s about the loving memories you create with family and friends. The folks at Cleary Ranch Vineyards believes that these times are best served over a great bottle of wine. John Cleary calls this “Memories Uncorked.” The wineries focus is on hand-crafted Pinot Noir.

Lambert Bridge Winery

We were treated to a sit down personalized tasting with about 7 different wines. Andy our host was super nice and informative and gave a great tour. Their Viognier, Rock Pile Zin and Cuvee were nice. Their Cab Franc and Cabernet were really delicious as well.

Eric Kent Wine Cellars

Kent is knowledgable, passionate, and an easy-going host. We showed up late, and he was very gracious - asked us to hang while the (on time) folks finished up, and then spent a couple hours with us. He climbs up the racks to steal tastes from varoius barrels, walking you through the parietals, methods, barrels,etc. Then to finish up, he brought out bottled versions so demonstrate the difference. Simply a great tasting experience.
Bring a sweater. It's about 55 F.

Rutz Cellars

After years of living in the Russian River Valley and inspired by the greatness of Burgundy, Keith Rutz dreamed of making great classically-styled wines from the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes available in California. His goal was - and is - to craft small lots of wine that will be recognized as worthy competitors to the top French products. We guarantee that from harvest to bottling, Rutz Cellars wines are subjected to minimal handling and maximum care, underscoring our commitment to make the finest wines possible.

Hughes Family Vineyards

Keith and Cherie Hughes pursued a shared vision in 2001 with the purchase of two organic vineyards in Glen Ellen, California. Initially, their intention was to grow exceptional fruit, a goal that evolved into making superb wines that reflect the unique terroir of their land. Hughes Family Vineyards is a boutique winery producing premium Zinfandel, Syrah, Rose' and Chardonnay wines made exclusively from the grapes grown in our certified organic vineyards in Glen Ellen, California.

Castle Vineyards

Castle Vineyards & Winery was acquired in 2006 by John and Kathleen Sweazey, who combine years of passionate wine interest and experience with their success in small business enterprises. In pursuit of a new wine business venture, production of Castle wines has ceased so that the Sweazey’s may carry out their dream and focus on their new winery, Anaba. Anaba Wines has a similar focus on Rhone and Burgundian varietals and a continuing commitment to high quality wines and grape sources.

Duchamp Estate Winery

Duchamp Estate Winery is a winery located in Healdsburg, California. The winery is owned by Pat Lenz. The wine at Duchamp Estate Winery is produced by Gary Galleron.
Duchamp Estate Winery produces the following wine varietals: Syrah/Shiraz. The price of wine tasting is a fee waived with purchase.

Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

acuzzi is a unique place for sure. Yes, there are a lot of wineries that combine both vino and olive oil, but I think Jacuzzi "owns it" as good as anyone. They've got a huge facility with a very generous, separate area devoted completely to the olive oil, so you've really got two completely different tasting experiences in one stop. Both the wine and the olive oil tastings are free; another pleasant surprise since even Sonoma county is running low on the complimentary tastings.

Rancho San Miguel Winery

The wine has a beautiful spicy bouquet, nicely fruit forward in the mouth with lots of raspberry tones, and slightly peppery notes on the clean, lingering finish. A very well balanced wine framed with good acidity and a soft touch on the palette. The distinctive intensity and spiciness of old vines fruit is well preserved. Grilled meats and anything lamb immediately come to mind as pairing choices.


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