Peay Vineyards

n general, they have EXCELLENT Syrah. Their Syrah easily stand out and I consider it to be really top notch quality. Their Pinot Noir is indeed good and borderline great. I definitely like this place and I would recommend this to anyone.

Sonoma - Cutrer Vineyards

Despite the fact that this winery is owned by behemoth wine and spirits company, Brown Forman, we could not have picked a better winery to have a midday tasting. The three ladies that were manning the tasting room could not have been more charming as they set us up with a flight of pourings outside on the beautiful patio. We were surprised at the many offerings that Sonoma-Cutrer only provides from the winery or to wine club members.

Mayo-Murdick Wines

Very relaxed casual winery that seems to be frequented by locals. Just my thing. It's just off the main road so there's no huge building and immaculately groomed grounds. The tasting room isn't done up in an particular way (not like some places that have a french/italian/etc theme). But the people who work here are friendly and the wines are decent. The normal tasting is only $6.

Robert Stemmler Winery

In 1976, Robert Stemmler opened his own winery in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County. With total control over the direction of his brand, Robert concentrated on his true passion, Pinot Noir. It was in 1982, after securing quality fruit from a hillside vineyard in Russian River, Robert Stemmler Pinot Noir was put on the map. In 1984, the Robert Stemmler Pinot Noir was awarded the "Best in America." Today, Robert Stemmler is recognized as one of California's top Pinot Noir producers and he continues to devote his energy to his passion of making California's best Pinot Noir.
* Robert Stemmler has and off-site Tasting Room in San Francisco * The Winery Collective in San Francisco
Open daily 11am to 9pm.
485 Jefferson Street San Francisco, California 94109

Eric Ross Winery

A foodie at heart, Eric likens the wines to a beautiful meal: "If you start out with really good fresh ingredients, I mean really good, you have the fundamental components for something extraordinary." Taking advantage of this premium growing region, and by hand-crafting each vintage, Eric Ross Winery takes that same approach when producing our wines. " Taste The Vineyard" that's what the wine should reflect.

Starry Night Winery

Starry Night Winery primary focus at Starry Night Winery is Zinfandel, which accounts for over 60% of their production. We think Zinfandel, which is uniquely American, is not only a great wine, but also offers a significant value.

Deerfield Ranch Winery

Deerfield is a winery where you're encouraged to sit and enjoy your wine. You're not crowded around a tasting bar, fighting for space and attention in order to sip your wine. Instead, the tasting takes place in a cave, with tables and chairs everywhere - encouraging everyone to have a seat, enjoy their wine and the sommeliers will be around to pour the wine.

Paul Mathew Vineyards

Mat Gustafson, the former winemaker at Sebastopol-Dutton Estate Winery and current co-winemaker at Moshin Vineyards, crafts small lots of Pinot Noir and other varietals from the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast under his personal label. Prior to starting his own label, he had worked for twenty years in the restaurant business and in retail sales. Along with business partner, Paul Sloan, he launched the label in 1999, but by 2001 had assumed full control and began to concentrate on Pinot Noir.


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