Albini Family Vineyards

Albini Family Vineyards only sell two kinds of wine - Zinfandel and Merlot. This year, there are three varieties of wine available: First, is the 2008 Zinfandel (500 cases; Russian River Valley); Second is the 2008 Zinfandel Ponzo Vineyard (500 cases; Russian River Valley); Third is the 2008 Merlot (Russian River Valley).

Hauck Cellars

GREAT tasting room. Wonderful location in town, and the wine is great. Dog-friendly, and MIKE is such an asset to that place. Super friendly guy. The owners are your guides through the wine list, and are funny and personable. The Savignon Blanc was great, as was the Pinot.

Korbel Champagne Cellars

The drive from downtown Napa was a little over an hour but it was definitely worth it for a free tour and free tasting!! Their first tour starts at 11 which is a great time since it'll be close to noon when the tour and tasting is over and you can walk next door for some delicious sandwiches at their delicatessen market.

Armida Winery

Armida Winery main location is located up in Healdsburg (Russian River wine yay!), and they carry a few of the labels in the Capitola tasting room, although Poizon is the ones that will catch your eye.

Small, intimate tasting room. Friendly staff, I was grilling them on all my unanswered questions from my last Sonoma trip and they didn't mind at all, were friendly and personable and answered all my questions as far as their expertise would allow them to. They were quite knowledgeable, there was even a young girl in there who was so informed.

Kendal-Jackson Winery

A total of 6 tasters were brought out as well as one dessert - all were delicious. This normally runs you $30 per person but we were given a $10 off coupon so each it ended up being $20 per person. Even at $30 per person, it was a really good deal and at $20 was a steal! I'd definitely recommend this pairing to anyone who wants to sit down and take wine tasting to the next level. Usually we drink wine with food so it's really neat to get ideas on what to pair these great wines with.

Chandelle Winery

Family owned winery founded in 1986. Small production award wining wines. Parent Company is Chandelle of Sonoma, Inc. Located in Sonoma, California. Robert Arnold is the President and owner of the Company.

Chandelle also bottles small release wines under it's Estraié label.

Magito Wines

Magito Wines are created to reflect the Spirit of the Magi, an ancient tribe that was revered for sharing their cultural heritage. Magito (muh-GEE-toe) means to give, to share, and to enjoy with friends. Magito Wines' specialty is blending grape varietals from great vineyards in Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley and other California wine country regions. Producing an affordable and tasty Zinfindel blend.

Coturri Winery

When in wine country, some enjoy a Disneyland experience -- fake castles & dungeons, tram rides, huge gift shops, docents, buses, limos, and a million things to distract you from the wine. And then, there's Coturri. The production is tiny. The facility is a garage. Check out the Syrah, Zin, or anything that they might happen to have on hand to share...and you'll get a great bottle of hand-made wine with little intervention of any sort.


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