Valley Gate Vineyards

This winery is located along Highway 12 near the gateway to Napa. The current tasting includes 6 wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. The tasting room is located upstairs and allows viewing into the production area. Great experience here!
They are now re-branded as Reata.

School House Vineyard

John and Mancy now offer 4 wines:
Pinot noir
Zinfandel Mescalanza (a blend)
Syrah Mescalanza ( a blend )

All 4 are great. You will be tasting at their house, by appointment only. It is a wonderful intimate experience. The Pinot is amazing.

Regusci Winery

Want to feel like youre in Italy at a lovely hillside vineyard sipping delicious wine without a care in the world?? If so, Regusci is your place. This place is absolutely hands down one of the most beautiful place in Napa. wow wow wow the hosts are excellent, the wine is heavenly, a bit pricey but worth it-and they are most definitely not stingy with the pour .

The Terraces

This little hidden gem is very easy to miss while whizzing past on Silverado Trail. But don't overlook this one. You won't be disappointed. Some of the best zinfandel and very good cabernet sauvignon. It is a great value wine that will hold its own against some higher priced wines. This is a very small winery with limited production and only offers a few wines. You won't find this in too many stores so you will need to make a trip out there of go on-line. If you call in advance you can get a quick tour around the winery via golf-cart.

Slaughterhouse Cellars

Margo Culcasi-Slaby & David Slaby chose to call their wine Slaughterhouse Cellars because of the dilapidated slaughterhouse that was located between the two 130 year old olive trees on the property. The slaughterhouse operated from 1884 until 1925 when the owners Salvatore and Rosi Curtoni ceased its operation, although Rosi continued to make her famous sausage to go along with her even more famous ravioli.

Capiaux Cellars

Sean Capiaux founded Capiaux Cellars in 1994 with a dedication to producing single vineyard bottlings of Pinot Noir. The philosophy is to produce wines that express the unique location from which they came, a sense of place or distinctive quality that sets them apart. Only high quality, low yielding, select clonal grapes are used from unique viticultural areas.

Sawyer Cellars

The property was replanted in 1984 and purchased by the Sawyer family in 1994. The vineyard extends back to the Napa River and is planted mostly with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, although they also grow some Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. Total production is only 6,400 cases, and all of their wines are estate grown and bottled. They sell off about 40% of the grapes they grow. A tasting is $10. The tour and tasting is $25. Reservations are required but easily made.


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