Tedeschi Family Winery

Tedeschi Family Winery is a great boutique winery to visit and tour. Tedeschi produces approx. 2,000 cases each year. At the time of adding the winery to our California Winery Directory we learned from Stephanie Trotter- Zacaria the Directory or Sales and Marketing that Tedeschi Family Winery took some recent medals for their wines. Congradulations to Emil Tedeschi, vintner & the winery owner, to Emilio Tedeschi the Winery's General Manager and not for forget Mario Tedeschi winemaker.  We will be updating the winery in the future and getting a better picture assigned to the listing soon *


By Appointment Only 

Herb Lamb Vineyards

Jennifer & Herb Lamb developed a 7 acre hillside vineyard at the base of Howell Mountain in 1987, and planted it to Cabernet Sauvignon in 1988. The fruit from their vineyard became widely sought after for premium wine, leading them to start their own brand in 1997 with only 50 cases of wine, the HL Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyard has been completely re-planted and is now the sole source of the growing HL Vineyards wines. There are also two "Companion Labels", Two Old Dogs Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the estate vineyard and Two Old Dogs Sauvignon Blanc from Yountville.

Schramsberg Vineyards

Cave tours are not created equal. This one is fantastic, despite being a tad pricey. Rich in history and rooted with tradition, it's almost hard to believe that Schramsberg sparkling wines are relatively easy to come by at gourmet grocers outside of California (Central Market in TX carries 4 bottles of sparkling varietals).

The property is beautiful, and not your 'typical' pretty manor situated among a valley of vines. A short drive up the slightly windy road rewards you with a lush estate nestled in trees, flanked by the caves, and with several ponds to complete the tranquil atmosphere.

Palmeri Wines

PALMERI wines are created by Kerry and Daisy Damskey with wisdom and passion as an expression of their dedication to what they love. Partnering with such renown grape growers as Jan Krupp of Stagecoach Vineyards in Napa and Denny Van Ness of Van Ness Vineyards in Geyserville, PALMERI is ensured the choicest selection of fruit with which to begin Kerry's special alchemy.

Casa Caneros Vineyard

The care and passion Melissa Moravec and Kurt Reaume have for each of their wines is represented within their dedication to a small-scale, hands-on approach to winemaking. A philosophy of guidance and control throughout the entire winemaking process, and a strategy of fine-tuned responsiveness towards the delicate characteristics of the high quality grapes grown and selected each vintage, create the finished wines' style reflecting the unique Casa Carneros Vineyard.

Sawyer Cellars

The property was replanted in 1984 and purchased by the Sawyer family in 1994. The vineyard extends back to the Napa River and is planted mostly with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, although they also grow some Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. Total production is only 6,400 cases, and all of their wines are estate grown and bottled. They sell off about 40% of the grapes they grow. A tasting is $10. The tour and tasting is $25. Reservations are required but easily made.

Silver Stag Winery

Silver Stag Winery sits on a prime piece of Tulocay acreage in the heart of Napa Valley, just east of the town of Napa and about three miles from the Bay. Planted in plums back at the end of the nineteenth century, the soil is rich enough—and distinct enough—to have earned it consideration as an official viticultural appellation. The vineyard is defined by a gentle swale that sits at the foot of Mount George. Its microclimate, comparable to "cool Bordeaux", is a bit warmer than Carneros, but it still feels the marine intrusions flowing up the path of the Napa River. The effect is to extend the time on the vine, yielding smaller berries with less tannin and far more concentration than the Napa average. Silver Stag has planted the majority of its land in Cabernet Sauvignon, with some Cab Franc and Petit Verdot. Visits by appointment.

Baxter Winery

In 2002, two generations of our family - both winemakers by trade - came together to create BAXTER, highlighting the very best in North Coast viticulture. Father & son partners, Phil L Baxter and Phil T G Baxter, produce handcrafted single vineyard wines focusing on the Anderson Valley and surrounding Mendocino appellations. Known primarily for their Pinot Noir.

Pillar Rock Vineyards

he elegant and supple characteristics of Pillar Rock result from the fully ripe hand picked grapes. We then select the best vineyard grapes to fully reveal the combination of site, soil, and weather. Cary Gott, the winemaker, then adds his magical touch. The grapes are custom crushed and aged in the New French oak barrels from the Never and Allier forests. Our highly acclaimed 1999 vintage barrel lot achieved #2 at the 2001 Napa Valley Wine Auction. The 2000 vintage won the ultimate prize of being #1 at the barrel auction. The 2001 and 2002 were rated outstanding by James Laube, the Wine Spectator. Note, not open to the public for tasting.

Robert Keenan Winery

Keenan is a nice, friendly, down to earth tasting. Interesting to taste and informative about the vineyards and region, which was particularly useful to put their wines in perspective of the valley. Also a friendly wine dog came to greet us. Apparently he was more than happy to get some scratches and laid at our feet for whole tasting. A solid tasting all around.


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