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Red Table Wines

Hahn Estates

Grown on over 1000 acres in Monterey County, the diverse vineyards of Hahn Estate make up some of the best Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah plantings in the region. The unique qualities of the vineyards coupled with the sunny days and foggy nights helps to create wines of depth and complexity.

La Sirena Wines

Founded in 1994, La Sirena is Heidi Barrett's own winery. With over 30 years of winemaking experience, Heidi specializes in beautifully balanced, silky, elegant wines that are purely delicious. La Sirena has Cabernet Sauvignon (similar style and blend she used to make for Screaming Eagle), Barrett Syrah, Pirate TreasuRed (red blend of 7 varieties), Art Bus (proprietary blend) , and a dry Muscat Canelli called Moscato Azul. La Sirena means the mermaid in Italian and Spanish combining Heidi's love of the ocean with the magic of winemaking. Heidi also makes wine for eight other wineries in Napa Valley and is co-winemaker with husband Bo on their new joint venture, Barrett & Barrett.

Rodrigue-Molyneaux Winery

At Rodrigue Molyneaux, they believe that the great wine must come from great grapes. Nancy & Garry Rodrigue see to it that their grapes recieve intensive monitoring of the watering and pruning techniques. These farming practices keeps the yield down to three tons or less per acre. Although the yield will be smaller, the grapes will be larger with more fruit flavor. This is the reason Rodrigue Molyneaux red wines are so robust with a fruit-driven complex flavor.

Signorello Vineyards

Great place to visit if you plan to do some wine tasting in the Napa Valley.
Decide what tasting you want, and you can even take your glass out back by he infinity pool and enjoy vineyard views, come back in, and get your next tasting, etc.

The staff at Signorello are very personable.

A pizza oven is currently being installed out on the back and Signorello will be doing wine and pizza on the patio. stop by Signorello Estate if you haven't been yet...Its definitely worth it!

Peterson Winery

Tasting room location is in the same parking lot as 10 other wineries tasting rooms - right off Dry Creek Road. Stop at this ONE location and you will be able to taste wines from Amphora, Collier Falls, Dashe, Forth, Philip Staley, Peterson, Lago di Merlo, Kokomo, Mietz and Papapietro. We went in for wine tasting- which was complimentary. Melissa, who helped us out, was so nice! Friendly and enlightened us on the wine. Some nice wines.

Indian Springs Vineyards

Most of their wines aren't really what my palette likes but that doesn't mean they aren't good wines Plenty of people in our group loved it. The wine I did really like was the Meritage. A lot of people seemed to enjoy the Barbera and Chardonnay too. Tastings are complimentary.

Enkidu Wines

Don't miss Enkidu amongst the cluster of newer tasting rooms in Kenwood.
The staff is always friendly and always willing to open anything you may want to try, Don't miss the 07 Humbaba, 08 Sangiovese and the Tin Barn Chardonnay.

Galleano Winery

Tour the Cucamonga Valley’s last (at one time there were over 60) remaining Prohibition Era winery still operating at its original location by its founding family. Wine grapes were planted in the Cucamonga valley by European immigrants, and by the 1930′s vineyards stretched from the Santa Ana River to the San Gabriel Mountains, growing lush in the alluvail fan of deep sandy soil deposited by rivers that flowed down mountain canyons and onto the Cucamonga Valley floor. The average age of the vineyards in the Valley is 90 years, producing much sought after “old vine” wine grapes. At Galleano Winery you can enjoy premium Zinfandels,, Rhone Varietals, a glass of Rose, a nice white and a few dessert wines.*


Mon - Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm

McKenzie-Mueller Vineyards And Winery

This is an appointment only winery, and it has a quiet, more laid back feel than other places in Napa. The tasting room is really cute, with artwork and photography lining the walls. The wine maker's son, Julius even sells some of his beautiful photos at the winery.

Our server was the wine maker's daughter, Sam, and she was great. We tried several different wines, including a Chardonnay, Malbec, and my personal favorite, the Cab-Franc. Everything was super well done. The Chardonnay was sweet, and not overly buttery, the cab-franc was smooth and the Malbec full of flavor. Sam was even kind enough to let us try one of their Napa Jazz wines. Very good, with a fancifully designed label.

The best part? The wines are moderately priced. Most bottles cost around $30-40.

The scenic rolling hills of grapevines, and large, earthy smelling wine cellars are great for photo opportunities. When we visited, the vineyard was in bloom with wild flowers. Super pretty.

If you're in the Valley looking for great wines and an affordable price and gorgeous vistas without all the crowd, definitely give this place a try.

Lago Di Merlo Vineyards & Winery

The father-son duo of the Merlo family work together to produce varietals of Merlot, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Syrah, Moscato, and Cabernet Franc. Located on the Dry Creek Valley Appellation, the 200-acre (81-hectare) estate not only grows its own grapes, but also sells the fruit to other wineries. Wine barrel tastings are hosted for visitors to the place, while other events like Winemaker dinner, have its own fan base.


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