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DeRose Vineyards

DeRose Vineyards

Single best Negrette I have ever had. Their Zin is what got me into mouthy wines.

Pat not only has one of the coolest moustaches on the planet, but he and Al (his son) are wine purists... not in the "wine spectator" crowd... but old world wine makers that do it for one reason... they love wine. One of the oldest operated wineries in the US, it has only been owned by a couple different families since 1854.

They are not concerned about anything other than wine... nada. They don't care about wine spectator's points, they don't care about who endorsed what, what is on what wine list, and what restaurant is the hippest right now.

And I love it. Their style is very much like provencal France, you know? It is the people of the community getting together.. the winemakers, the farmers, the butcher.... living together, drinking together, eating together.... in celebration of life. To eat and drink with friends is life!

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